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2017 Summer beer review

When these hot, muggy Louisiana summer months get the best of us, nothing beats fueling those summer vibes like a frosty pint of beer at your favorite bar. And while different brews have their own seasons, we think there is no greater love story than a smooth blonde ale and a hot summer day. With all the various styles to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming and you may be wondering where to start. We’ve highlighted a few new brews on the block for your summer beer checklist to help you get your drink on and cool down at the same time. Cheers!

Charming Wit (Belgian-Style Witbier) – Urban South
Appearance: Hazy, light honey
Aroma: Overall citrus, subtle spice from coriander
Flavor: Tart, crisp, refreshing, straightforward. The bright, citrusy orange and spicy coriander play off each other well, providing the perfect amount of depth and complexity—A truly well-balanced and refreshing Belgian-style witbier.
Mouthfeel: Silky
Food pairings: While this brew could undoubtedly stand up to heartier fare, it compliments lighter, herb-infused fare such as grilled, charbroiled or steamed seafood as well as breakfast/brunch cuisine.

Pompous Pelican – Southern Craft Brewing
Appearance: Orange, slightly amber
Aroma: Slight citrus, floral
Flavor: Strong hop, but definitely on the smoother side of the DIPA spectrum. A decent amount of initial bitterness followed by a clean balance thanks to the Louisiana cane sugar—Although it’s not your typical DIPA, this brew lives up to its name.
Mouthfeel: Heavy
Food pairings: The acidity from the hops make this beer an ideal palate cleanser to take on high-fat foods like juicy burgers and Monte Cristos (wait—did someone say cheese fries?).

Envie – Parish Brewing
Appearance: Hazy golden
Aroma: Strong hop, juicy pineapple, tropical fruits
Flavor: The prominent hops give way to a juicy nectarine middle with bitterness from the grapefruit providing just the right amount of dryness at the end. These juicier, northeastern-style IPAs are gaining popularity and drinkability in the south—A six-pack you’ll want to keep stocked in the fridge.
Mouthfeel: Light and soft
Food pairings: Whether it’s a curry dish, spicy gumbo, or a grilled sausage, a juicy IPA will latch onto and bring out the sweeter, less pronounced notes of flavor in spicier dishes.
Food pairings: Spicy, rich dishes, typically Tikka Masala or other rich, spicy foods.

Photo by Kristine Stone.



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