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Flaunt Your Curves

By Yuwa Vesper

On first meeting Mary Gervais Nehlig, I first noticed her warm smile and exuberant personality. Then, it became impossible to overlook her fashionable wardrobe. Often, I discuss with Mary the difficulties curvy women face when shopping. Regardless of the tag size, every woman deserves a well-fitting garment that enhances her shape and proportion. Mary shares her style inspirations and how she shops to fit her curvy frame.

100_1934MaryNehligDIG: What is your shopping strategy?

Mary Gervais Nehlig: Just like when you’re looking for anything special, you have to search long and hard. Being a curvy woman is special; therefore, I take plenty of time finding the perfect clothing pieces, mainly online. I can’t just run to the store and pick up a top for a night out with friends. It takes a week of shopping, finding a discount code, and then five to seven shipping days before my outfit arrives. Sometimes it can be difficult, but when someone gives you one extraordinary compliment, then the time and effort was worth it.

DIG: What are some brands that you prefer?

MGN: For a more casual outfit and I need it quick, I choose Lane Bryant, Target, or one of the department stores.  If l am just browsing and shopping it would be more at online stores like Eloquii, ASOS, or Nordstrom.

DIG: How would you describe your style?

MGN: I like to describe my style as trendy but practical.  There are numerous plus size bloggers and advocates who choose very bold fashionable pieces, but it is not wearable for the everyday woman. If you take one bold top and pair it with a simple bottom, the result will give you an ensemble that is trendy but practical.

DIG: What are some of your style signatures?

MGN: For me, some must haves in my closet or any girl’s closet who has trouble finding pieces would be a good basic plain black dress, the perfect fitting pair of jeans, and a solid black ballet flat, paired with jewelry −lots of jewelry.

DIG: Who do you look to or where do you look for style inspiration?

MGN: I look to my friends and to the Internet for the latest trends and how I can make them work− if they can even work for my body.

DIG: What is the greatest piece of fashion advice you have ever received?

MGN: Always own a good pair of Spanx, no matter what your size! We all need a little sucking and tucking in.


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