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Sounding Off: Violence around campus

Editor’s Note:  Each week our team will sound off about the latest trending topics on and around campus.  Check us out and see what we’re discussing.

Rickey Miller, Campus Editor

I think the violence around campus has really become overwhelming.  Not that I don’t think there’s always been crime and violence around campus, but it seems like the rate for both is increasing.  This is a major concern to me because it takes the fun out of a lot of events where you should be focused on having a good time but yet, you’re more focused on your surroundings and making sure everything’s safe.

Linhyen Lai, Campus Writer

There are so many shootings that have been going on lately, especially at student housings. The police need to do a better job at patrolling these areas, and they need to tighten the security in the events that these situations happen. Tigerland is another big shooting area. Something needs to be implemented to make students feel safer going out. I think that everyone needs to have a body check and a bag check before going in. Sometimes, a lot of these places I feel like are so focused on getting money that they become careless when it comes to allowing people in to ensure safety.

Emily Fruge, Campus Writer

Unfortunately, violence around LSU’s campus has gotten really bad lately. It has gotten to the point where emergency texts are being sent out regularly about being cautious in the area due to a crime. I don’t know why so many people think the way to solve problems is through violence, but this problem has been increasing. Living on campus, I don’t always feel safe because of the constant reports of violence and crime. I think if heavier consequences are put into place for those who create a dangerous environment for others around them, along with stricter rules and regulations to avoid violence, the issues would be reduced.

Bryce Page, Editorial Intern

Can we really pinpoint an exact reason as to a recent increase in assaults and robberies around campus? Maybe it’s just getting hotter and heat can make you do dumb stuff. Either way, safety is something you expect – maybe take for granted – when you’re at school. That isn’t the case anymore though, not since UT and Virginia Tech.

Anyway, the police should add some extra patrols and people should travel in packs. Maybe take a self-defense course?


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