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A look into now-open Sprouts Farmers Market, our shopping experience

Baton Rouge grocers now have stiff competition with the recent opening of Sprouts Farmers Market in Rouzan Village on Perkins.

Sprouts is well-known for its fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, barrels of grains and nuts, in-house butcher, enormous vitamin section and various to-go foods. As we stepped inside, the busy market met all expectations.

The highly-anticipated Phoenix-based chain was packed full of eager customers throughout (what seemed like) the entire day. To prepare for the grand opening and the new staff, some employees from other locations traveled to Baton Rouge to lend a hand. One employee came from Albuquerque, New Mexico and arrived at midnight before the grand opening. She says she’ll be there to assist until she leaves on July 1.

The store features a mix of brand name and private label products, as well as a few local brands. Sprouts also prides itself on being “zero waste,” and plans to donate unsold groceries to the Baton Rouge Food Bank. Customers left the store on grand opening day with a free reusable Sprouts tote instead of a plastic bag, and Sprouts donated $10,000 to Baton Roots’ farm and garden.

For those customers in a hurry, Sprouts offers a variety of take-away items, one of our favorites being a mix-and-match cookie station that doubles as a pastry cart full of muffins, bagels and other baked goods. Although all of the cookies look fresh and baked to perfection, we recommend the NONO Lemon Cookie, Peanut Butter Combo cookie and Toffee Crunch cookie.

Other fresh-baked muffin options are also available in the bread/baked goods section, which offers the usual variety of desserts, breads, and more. The availability of different breakfast items are perfect for shoppers on their way to work.

Some of our other favorites include the to-go deli section, which provides fresh deli meats and cheeses already sliced and packaged, allowing customers to grab-and-go food staples (we recommend the sliced Gouda), as well as the salad bar. Sprouts also had a surprisingly vast amount of drink options, including cold-pressed juice, different juice “shots,” Kombucha, coconut water, tea and more.

Grand opening day was also filled with free samples throughout the store, including fig bars (delicious), cookies and more. Outside the vitamin section was a sample of a “multi collagen protein supplement,” which though not on our intended shopping list, did surprise us. The staff in the vitamin section mixed the supplement into two drinks, one with almond milk and one with lemonade. The vitamin section employee said she prefers the almond milk, but we personally preferred the lemonade. The lack of a powdery taste in our lemonade made us reconsider what else Sprouts has to offer in the vitamin section that we could easily fit into our daily routine.

Sprouts Farmers Market was far from disappointing, even on its busiest day. Our shopping list grew bigger and bigger as we walked through the aisles, and we discovered that you don’t tell Sprouts what you need – it tells you.


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