Dig Baton Rouge

A New Generation of Butts

By Leslie D. Rose

Baton Rouge, the land of red beans and rice, will unite with Sir Mix-A-Lot, the king of big booty fetishes, on April 2 at The Varsity Theatre.

It was May 7, 1992 when the world first heard Becky and her friend lament over a woman’s butt, followed by a bass heavy proclamation by the Seattle-based rap legend in the song “Baby Got Back,”  where the phrase “red beans and rice didn’t miss her” would also become the most highly said street catcall of the south.

Now 23 years later and six albums to note, the 51-year-old rapper, whose career has spanned the course of four decades, will not only give LSU area fans the big butt hit they were probably all too young to understand at its release, but he will also perform many songs of his career that made Seattle the rap capital of the Pacific Northwest, back when current Seattle success Macklemore was just entering kindergarten.

Keeping him popular throughout the years, the rapper has starred as the titular character of the short-lived TV series The Watcher, UPN, as a narrator who introduced each episode. He has appeared in films, provided voice-over work for cartoons such as the Simpsons where he voiced himself singing “Baby Likes Fat,” a parody of “Baby Got Back” and, again voicing himself, this time singing “Table Be Round,” another parody of “Baby Got Back.” His voice can be heard providing narration and commentary in Wheedle’s Groove, a 2009 documentary about the Seattle ‘60s and ‘70s funk and soul scene. He’s also a DJ for the fictional “The Beat 102.7” radio station in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Quite the unforgettable voice with a resume to match and totally impossible to lay to rest his “Baby Got Back” song, especially when made once again prominent by the bootylicious bad girl of rap Nicki Minaj with her 2014 hit “Anaconda.”

It’s a song that Mix has told Billboard that he loves.

“It’s amazing how people – I guess maybe because they’re not in the industry – but how people think I should be mad about the song,” he said in an interview with Billboard. “I think it’s cool, she took part of the song, she made a Nicki Minaj song. I love the track, I have fun listening to the track, it’s crazy as hell and for a guy who likes butts – how can I look at the video and say I don’t like it?”

As noted in Billboard, Mix’s answer reflects his generally laid-back attitude, and his willingness to be a crowd-pleaser ever willing to keep his 23-yerar-old hit alive.

“I see a lot of artists that have hit records,” he said. “And then for some reason, after they’ve gotten all that money from the record, they go on a campaign to diss the very record that made them rich. I think that’s ignorant. That’s one of the stupidest business models I’ve ever seen in my life.”


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