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A Night Out: Fashion for Every Scenerio

By Yuwa Vosper

Dating – read, actual courtship − is ever-changing, especially with the rise of social media and matchmaking sites. However, there are times when you do actually get asked out on a date, and the first thing you do is to call all of your friends. Why? So, they can share the excitement of course, but also so you can get to planning. On a date, the first thing I ask is, where are we going? This is for a reason: I want to know how to dress for the occasion. It is a simple question of casual vs. formal.

If you are going on a casual date:

Casual dates are a toss up. You can be invited to attend a movie or to play miniature golf. The key to a casual date is to dress comfortably but effortlessly elegant at the same time. This could mean wearing a pair of figure-flattering jeans in your favorite cut and color with a feminine top.

Also, I prefer wedges to heels. A long night in heels is not comfortable, especially if you are going to sporty event with grassy, open spaces. Your heels will be digging into the soft ground, and unlike Elle Woods on Legally Blonde 2, you will not be able to hit the ground running.  Wedges just have more functionality, and they even out your stance.

On casual dates in warmer weather, choose a light sundress and bring a thick cardigan for freezing air-conditioned movie theaters. Another ensemble you could try would be a loose, billowing top worn over wide-legged jeans. Depending on your style, you could belt the tunic to enhance your waist or for a more bohemian look leave it loose and flowing.

If you are going on a formal date:

Oh, the endless hours you will spend staring blankly at your closet wondering what to wear. This is the main reason why a text reading “On my way” really means “I have not left the house.”

Your goal is to give the best first impression. The best option is to combine a little black dress with feminine accessories. However, if this is too traditional for you, opt for a skirt, which will allow some versatility while not straying far from convention. Depending on your taste it can be a long maxi skirt or a shorter – but still modest – skirt.

If it is colder, I prefer to wear colorful or black tights under my skirt or dress.  Tights give the Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf look to any ensemble.

Girls Night Out

Nothing is more exciting than a…GIRLS NIGHT!  This is your time to be creative and experiment with that black jumpsuit, palazzo pants, sequined shorts, leather leggings, and flirty tops. Also, for a girl’s night out, experiment with patterns like leopard print, faux fur, or snakeskin. This is the night to wear something other than jeans.  Since you more than likely will be dancing, your heels must be comfortable and your purse cannot be big. Leave the huge tote at home. Try a small clutch, wristlet, or a small cross-body bag. Whatever you wear, you want to be able to move freely. Remember a proper fitting ensemble can exude classiness and show off your body even better than a tight-fitting ensemble that won’t allow movement.


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