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A Secret Show

By Ellie Gardner

Although the weather outside was overcast and dreary last Tuesday night, the energy inside the Varsity Theater was anything but.

On a tour through the South and along the East coast, Los Angeles independent alt-rock band Acidic made a stop at the Varsity Theater for a night of electric music and high-energy performances. Dynamic riffs, impassioned vocals, catchy melodies, a jumping bassist, and amazing band-mate chemistry made Tuesday’s show completely satisfying despite the rain and a less-than-desired crowd count.

“It was an intimate show—we’re going to call it a secret show,” said lead singer and guitarist Michael Gossard.

A lesser band would have taken one look at the crowd on Tuesday night and shut off, but Acidic proved their awesomeness by keeping the voltage high.

“The worst thing a band can do at these more intimate shows is not give a shit. It’s the worst. And tonight we really put our heart into it. As long as those people who are watching get what they came for, then our side of the street is clean,” Gossard added.

At the beginning of the show, Acidic, determined to make the Varsity performance a great show, charismatically encouraged the predominately-seated audience to get up and get to the pit. In what seems to be a staple of the band, even before the music started, Acidic was charming and connecting with the crow.

But crowd or no crowd, it’s clear that all Acidic needs is each other to get the music flowing and the crowd pumped. Throughout the performance, the energy ricocheted from band-mate to band-mate as an utterly magnetic Gossard moved around, rocking out with guitarist Josh Bennett and bassist Max Myrick. Myrick’s energy was uncontainable with frenetic jumps and gigantic, full-body jamming while drummer Matt Whitaker delivered fast-paced and extra-clean chops.

Although Acidic is relatively unknown down here in the South, in the areas of the Pacific Northwest they’ve got a strong following of dedicated fans. Being an independent band, Acidic’s market is regional, and they’re looking to drum up a few fans as they tour the South.

“It’s interesting being independent—because we can be established in one market, and at the same time be totally unheard of in another. We’ve been building markets in the Pacific Northwest for years, and at shows, we’ll draw hundreds there,” Gossard added.

The set-list included new material from their forthcoming album and songs from their fourth and most recent album, Copper Man—whose title track has a hilarious music video with well over a million views on YouTube. Seriously—watch the video: you’ll be bobbing you’re head, laughing out loud, and learning everything you need to know about Acidic’s fun and carefree personality.

By the end of the night, shirts were off, sweat was running, and it looked like Acidic had just finished a sold-out performance with a packed venue of diehard fans.

“We had a lot of fun. The venue staff and the sound staff here [at the Varsity] are amazing. We just got up there and played our hearts out.”

And what did Acidic have planned post-performance?

“Tonight’s really cool because after the show we’re staying at a casino—The Belle of Baton Rouge—we’re going to do Vegas Louisiana style. We’re having a great time.”

All in all, Acidic gave a brilliant performance Tuesday night, which was incredible in of itself—but especially so because the crowd was light. I honestly can’t even imagine what it is like to see them in a packed venue, but it must be amazing. Keep your eyes out for Acidic; they’re talented, they’re dedicated to music, and they clearly have tons of fun doing it.

Watch “Copper Man” on YouTube and check out the album Copper Man on iTunes.



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