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A stitch in time: A shopper’s guide to Baton Rouge’s best in all things vintage and retro

You can never go back in time, but with the plethora of vintage and retro shops around, you’ll never lack in indulging your taste for vintage. With so many options though, finding just what you want can be daunting. So DIG narrowed the scope for you, hitting the streets, braving the racks and digging through bins, to discover the places where you’re most likely to find exactly what you seek. Check out our list of local stores to help you determine where to shop for that perfect old-school party dress, bar set, classic albums and more.

Best Place to Buy Vintage Threads

California dreaming designs, swinging ‘60s fringe frocks and curve-hugging dresses fill Time Warp’s racks. Not sure what suits you best? Owner Josh Holder and his sales associates are on hand to help you decide which is more fitting for your night on the town.

“Right now everything that is Woodstock, late ‘60’s, early ‘70s is on fire,” said Holder. “That’s our focus right now, that sexy, hippie movement that was so cool back then that is starting to resurge. We’re doing really well with it. That’s our hottest trend right now.”

Everything at Time Warp is one of a kind, so if you can’t find something today, try again tomorrow as the store is always getting in new items, which are handled with great care to ensure they are in perfect condition for the consumer.

“It’s going to last another 30 years because they just don’t build them like this anymore,” said Holder.

So will you pick that 1940s silk number or the ‘90s grunge shirt? Answer: both.

Another Good Bet: Meta Exchange

Best Place for Classic Menswear

For those who want to rock it like Sinatra, look no further than Aristocracy in downtown. This vintage store houses an eclectic mix of menswear, vintage womenswear, accessories and jewelry from the ‘20s to the ‘90s.

“Aristocracy is originally known as a specialty boutique for men with high-end brands like Hudson and Publish, plus they carry suits, suspenders, bowties and ties for men,” said sales associate Neda Parandian.

Some of the things you can go home with? Try bottle top earrings, handmade bow ties from vintage fabric, vintage t-shirts or mod dresses for starters, but that’s not all.

“They go a step further and also carry unique architectural furniture like a 1950s tub, retro bikes or repurposed church pews,” said Parandian. “It’s like someone went to estate sales for you and found the best pieces and repackaged them with a cool vintage bingo board or a map from the ‘20s.”

And as an FYI, Aristocracy will be relocating to the new Onyx building next month located next to Lucy’s. Be on the lookout!

Another Good Bet: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Best Place to Outfit Your Home Like Grandma’s

Step inside Honeymoon Bungalow, and amidst the mountains of bowls, cookware, and ‘70s dishware, you can practically smell Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies. That’s because this store has spent years amassing vintage items from all over the country, which has accumulated into an authentic mid-century collection. So you can be sure that ceramic ashtray you found among the shop’s impressive barware selection is genuine kitsch. Just like you remember.

Another Good Bet: Salvation Army

Best Place to Build Up Your Vinyl Collection

Atomic Pop Shop could almost qualify as vintage itself by trying to carry a little bit of everything, especially in regards to rare vintage. The narrow store is jam-packed with vinyl staples from Beatles to Led Zeppelin, along with first pressing jazz and blues albums. Whether you’re a seasoned spinner seeking to fill that one remaining hole in your “lounge exotica” set or a vinyl newbie looking to grow your collection with classics like the Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main Street, you’ll find what you desire.

Not looking for records? There are plenty of other retro finds as well as original artwork.

“The record shop originally started off as a vintage store,” said lead sales associate Bruce William. “We carry ceramic housewares, we also have bar sets and local art too.”

Another Good Bet: Capitol City Records

Best Place for Vintage Tech

Looking for the perfect tech to finish the look of your vintage den? Check out the Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council, a nonprofit organization committed to e-scrap reduction. The organization accomplishes this by electronic refurbishment and recycling, including collecting, sorting, dismantling, refurbishment and data wiping.

“As an environmental ‘green’ company, we upcycle everything from vintage electronics, gaming and music/audio equipment to refurbished electronics donated by businesses, schools and the public,” said CACRC Assistant Director Shannon Fish Fertitta. “We carefully test and refurbish material that is then sold either through our storefront, eBay sales, craigslist or our Shopify store on Facebook.”

CACRC also showcases original art by local artists, including the vintage-inspired art of Flyrightstudios.com, Michelle Elder Illustrator and others.

“Reuse is the highest form of recycling. The CACRC loves that we help the environment while providing computers to the community. Wonderful and weird vintage items come in every week.” said Nancy Jo Craig, Executive Director of CACRC. “Our stock changes regularly, some of the items we receive include vintage stereo and audio equipment, gaming and vintage computers, telephones and photography equipment.”

Another Good Bet: There is none! Currently, CACRC is the only non-profit R2RIOS-certified electronic recycler in the state.


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