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Adulting: 10 things you need to become an adult after graduation

After four, five, maybe even six years of undergraduate woes, you’re finally getting ready to walk the stage and obtain your degree! You’ve moved on from the campus section of DIG to the city section. While this is a very exciting time for most students, reality soon sets in as you realize that you now have to grow up.  No more late nights of partying in Tigerland or skipping class because you’re tired—you’re now an actual adult.  This transition can be a little intimidating but no need to worry, is here to help you with our list of must have’s for easy “adulting.”

A New Alarm Clock

No more sleeping in, it’s time to grind!  While your phone has probably worked as your alarm clock, there’s no denying that using your phone as your alarm can pose several issues.

For instance, it’s a common mistake to set your alarm for p.m. instead of a.m. or even worse — What if your phone dies?  We suggest buying a really annoying manual alarm clock that is battery powered and operated.

A Check Book

It’s every student’s worst nightmare—being financially cut off from their parents.  It’s the worst, but it’s inevitable.  The time will come when your parents will say “you’re an adult now, you need to make and manage your own money.”

While they only want the best for us, parents don’t realize the amount of stress and responsibility this brings into our lives.  Well, don’t worry… you may find that your parents were right all along.

A new checkbook will allow you to manage your spending more wisely— turning you into the financially responsible adult your parents always knew you would be.  #WeGonSaveDatMoney

Suit and Tie

Hang up the chino shorts and t-shirts!  If you’re going to score that job you’ve always wanted you’re going to need a new wardrobe. And, of course we didn’t forget about the ladies.  Buying a simple, business-casual, black dress always does the trick.  Remember, dress like the boss you are.

Grace Period

As in — “I just graduated, how do you expect me to start paying student loans?”  While eventually you will have to pay them, we do suggest you call your loan providers and ask for payment arrangements and most importantly options for grace periods.

Tons of Gift Cards

If you’re going to ask for graduation gifts, ask for gift cards to your favorite restaurants and stores.  We promise, these gift cards will come in handy.

LinkedIn Account

You’re now joining the group of growing young professionals.  While we know you’re pretty awesome, it’s time to let the job market know just how awesome you are and why you are the perfect candidate for that dream job.

LinkedIn is a social networking site that allows its users to network in the job market.  The site allows users to upload resumes, add professional references, and even apply for jobs. #makingmoves

New Pots and Pans

And a cookbook would help!  If there’s one way to manage your money efficiently, cooking should definitely become your new hobby.  By simply cooking at least 3 meals a week, you can save major bucks – bucks you’re going to need to pay back all those horrible student loans.

Stress Ball 

Trust us, you’re going to need it!

A Social Media Shakedown  

In the spirit of maturing and becoming an adult, you should probably go through your social media and clean out anything that is questionable.  What are these things?  Well, we’re glad you asked… photos with alcoholic beverages, photos that don’t show you in a positive manner, statuses that show what a party animal you are… you know just anything you wouldn’t want your future employer to stumble upon.

Self-Help Books

Just because you’ve graduated doesn’t mean the learning has to stop in the classroom.  There’s nothing better than improving yourself and becoming a better you.  Self-help books are not only fun to read but they are also valuable when it comes to teaching you about finances, relationships, and balance—all things you can never learn enough about!


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