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Adventures on the Bayou

By Chase Berenson

Not far from New Orleans, tucked in a nearby bayou marshland, lies the little-known Bayou Segnette State Park in Westwego.

Complete with hiking trails, campground and water access, Bayou Segnette is an excellent place to get a taste of nature without being far from the city.

Additionally, someone with a boat who can get outside the park from the dock would particularly appreciate the park.

If you’re looking for a day’s adventure, Bayou Segnette can be a nice escape from the urban environment. Despite being surrounded by suburban sprawl, entering the park completely changes the tone and quickly transitions into a more peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Though short, the park’s 1.3 miles of hiking trails are in good shape. It’s obvious the park’s designers wanted to take advantage of all the space they had, and the trails truly maximize the small size of the park.

In addition to the hiking trails in the woods, the park also features a boardwalk along the Marcello Canal that allows excellent views of the canal and the animals living nearby.

For people who are looking for more laid back relaxation, the park has an area with picnic tables, barbeques, and a summer wave pool.

When the temperature starts climbing in the summer, this could be a great spot to sneak out to and enjoy!

Bayou Segnette’s true appeal is for people that want to be on or near the water. The park has plenty of space for fishing from the bank in both Bayou Segnette and the Marcello Canal.

Additionally, the park has multiple boat ramps and is equipped for many boaters to be using the facilities. From the boat ramp, there is a whole world that can’t be accessed by land.

Bayou Segnette connects directly to the backcountry of Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Lake Cataouatche. From there it’s easy to jump to the Salvador or Timken Wildlife Management Areas or to Lake Salvador.

Anyone interested in freshwater or saltwater fishing can jump on these waterways and quickly be reeling in bass, catfish, trout, redfish or more!

If the opportunities at Bayou Segnette State Park sound like something that might keep you busy for a couple days, the park’s campground would be a perfect fit.

With a hundred campsites located just off the Marcello Canal, the campground is a destination for someone who might want to boat during the day on multiple days, or even someone who wants a multi-day trip to New Orleans while spending their evenings enjoying nature!


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