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“Alcatraz” album release from Jason Martin

Baton Rouge native Jason Martin, is releasing his new album Alcatraz on October 5, 2018. DIG sat down with Jason to chat about coming home, inspiration, and the making of Alcatraz.

  1. What’s your favorite thing about returning to BR and playing for a home crowd?
    Seeing my family and friends for sure, I sometimes book shows JUST to come see them, birthdays, holidays and stuff like that.  I also get to play with my best friends, I have a band in Nashville and a band in BR, when I travel, I use one band or the other depending where I’m playing in the country.  Some of us have played together for over 15 years, we’re getting old.
  2. The title of your album Alcatraz is the Spanish word for pelican, the state bird of Louisiana. What about being from Louisiana made you want to name your second LP after it?
    Being from Louisiana is a badge of honor for me, I try to reference a little taste of it in most of my music.  I’ve visited a good bit of places in my day, Louisiana becomes more and more special every time I go somewhere else, there ain’t no place like it, especially the dirty.
  3. Are there any bands that inspired your rock and roll sound?
    ZZ Top, that’s it.
  4. The making of this album seemed to be a very personal journey for you, according to your website. 
    Yea, the recording process was pretty awesome.  I didn’t have the money to record in a studio, or even a dead room, so we recorded in the house I lived in when I first moved to Nashville, lots of good times were had there and we got to have one more before we lost access to it.
  5. Is there anything you hope people get from this album? 
    As far as what I hope people take away from the record, I’m just happy people listen to it, lol.  If someone interprets some sort of deep meaning from any of the songs, that’s just a cherry on top.  Some songs are about specific times/people that I’ve crossed paths with, some are literally about nothing and no one and in my opinion, they don’t necessarily have to be.

You can catch Jason at the 12 Stones Tailgate Party at Bottle & Tap, October 6 to hear some tunes from Alcatraz! Find more about Jason Martin at jasonmartinband.com.


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