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All Hail the Queen

By Catie Santos

“I am proud to be a part of such a great university where this win proves that it’s not the color of your skin or what nationality you are, it’s what you bring to the table.”

A small-town girl with big dreams was crowned LSU Homecoming Queen during the Ole Miss game. Twenty-one-year old Chi Nguyen is a biological sciences major who plans on attending medical school and becoming a general physician. Still reeling from the surprise of being honored with the title of homecoming queen, Nguyen took time to describe her experience running for court and as queen.

DIG: What inspired you to run for homecoming court?

Chi Nguyen: My biggest inspiration to run for homecoming court was definitely my dear friend, Matt Landry, who encouraged me to apply.  I just thought there was no way I would stand out amongst these incredible students who I knew the senior class was comprised of.  I’ve always taken up any opportunity to represent this university, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try!

DIG: Being a part of homecoming court is a big honor already. Why did you feel like you deserved to be crowned homecoming queen?

CN: I truly feel I deserved to be crowned homecoming queen because I embody this university’s unique, diverse student body through my high academic standing, active involvement in student organizations, and my commitment to serving others.

DIG: Can you describe the moment when you were crowned as queen?

CN: To be honest, I really did not expect to win at all. I already felt like I won just by being on the LSU Homecoming Court. When I heard my name being announced as the new homecoming queen, I didn’t know if I just made it up in my head so I had to look at my partner to see his reaction to confirm what I thought I heard. I was definitely shocked and had no clue how to react. I maybe should have practiced!

DIG: What has been the best part of being crowned homecoming queen?

CN: When I said that receiving this honor was unexpected, I truly meant it. Receiving this honor already means so much to this small town girl, but I can’t let this fact go unnoticed that I am the first Vietnamese/Asian-American to be LSU’s Homecoming Queen. I received a lot of calls and texts congratulating me for not just only being LSU Homecoming Queen, but also to thank me for proving that there is no excuse to why race should ever be a deterrent or excuse to not throw your name in the ring. LSU has always been a great, diverse university. For me to receive such a great honor that is decided by this student body, it proved to skeptics and many students who felt like they never had a chance that we are all on the same playing field.  The sky really is the limit.  I am proud to be a part of such a great university where this win proves that it’s not the color of your skin or what nationality you are, it’s what you bring to the table.

DIG: The game was truly an unforgettable experience. How did being on the homecoming court affect your experience watching the game?

CN: As a court member, you do not sit in the student section. Therefore, I was able to witness the spirit that was displayed by the students throughout the entire game. I was in complete awe the whole time, and it made me fall more in love with our student body. It made the honor of being able to represent this university that much more sweeter!

DIG:  Did you storm the field after the game?

CN: Yes, I did storm the field after the game! I had a few students help me over the fence onto the football field! It was the first time in 16 years – no way I would have missed out on that opportunity!

DIG: Do you have anything you would like to tell your fellow LSU students?

CN: From representing a national honor society here at LSU at an international convention to all the service projects I got to volunteer for, I was never good at documenting all that I did as a student here at LSU. However, it is through those experiences that I got to know and meet so many of my peers. Getting the majority of votes from students to crown me as the homecoming queen really confirmed to me that the time and energy I invested into this university and its students did not go unnoticed.  I would like to let my fellow LSU students know that it is through your actions that your true self will shine without any self-marketing or effort. So I encourage all students to go out there and get your hands and knees dirty through giving back to a university and community that has given so much to you!


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