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Learning about Alpha Kappa Psi, an LSU business fraternity

By Emily Fruge


Alpha Kappa Psi (AKPsi) is one of largest LSU’s business fraternities. With over 120 active members, this unique fraternity is growing and has become an important part of our community. AKPsi is a professional fraternity that focuses on the importance of teamwork and bringing out the best in others.


Being a member of this organization offers the opportunity of creating a strong resume, learning effective skills for interviews, and being a part of several professional development events. The fraternity was founded in 1904 in New York and now has approximately 240,000 members around the world. AKPsi also promotes brotherhood, constant learning, and improving the world one step at a time. Members strive to extract positivity out of every person and build healthy relationships. Sebastian Amador, a sophomore finance major and active AKPsi member at LSU expresses what he has gotten out of being part of this organization when he says, “AKPsi has given me a better understanding of professionalism, networking, and the true meaning of brotherhood.”


The fraternity believes that mistakes are inevitable, but they create learning experiences. By learning from mishaps and striving to do better, members of AKPsi become more professional and wiser in their actions. Louis Flores, a sophomore finance major and active member of AKPsi at LSU explains how he has prospered through his experiences in the fraternity when he says, “I have made friends in AKPsi I can trust and rely on to help me with any obstacles I may face. It has opened so many doors for me, and I am proud to consider myself a member of this organization.”

Unlike the average social fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi’s rush process is more strenuous and selective, as potential members go through a series of interviews and are voted on by the chapter each round. AKPsi also differs from the average fraternity in that dues are only a small fraction of what members of a Greek social fraternity pay; however, this means the chapter must fundraise. AKPsi takes men and women of any race, studying any major. Diversity is one of the chapter’s strongest attributes.

Joe Solito, president of Alpha Kappa Psi, explains the benefits of joining the fraternity when he states, “Becoming a brother of Alpha Kappa Psi is the empowering decision to take sides with like-minded, business orientated students in the pursuit of success. We are professional, passionate, social and communal and strive to provide members with the tools to develop into principled business leaders. Graduate ready for the world by joining the largest, oldest and most prestigious network of leaders.” Solito continued to explain how he personally benefited from being a part of the fraternity when he tells DIG, “I’ve grown a tremendous amount in my life from joining this fraternity. I joined because I wanted to surround myself with students whose main goal was to be successful, so that in turn, I too would set the same priority. From that decision, I learned the true meaning of leadership, professionalism, and most importantly, friendship. I’m graduating soon and it’s bitter-sweet because while I am sad to leave my chapter, I know that the values and experiences I gained will forever serve me in my career and life.”


Alpha Kappa Psi has been named the top business organization at LSU and the Chapter of the year, two years in a row. They accept all majors and pride themselves on the range and quality of the members they initiate. A very high percentage of the members get jobs immediately, if not before they graduate and the chapter is to thank for that.


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