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Andi’s Choice

By Kristen Cockrell

As many of you Bachelorette fans already know, the 2014 season officially ended after the finale last week. After breaking several hearts, Bachelorette and LSU alumna Andi Dorfman has finally chosen her future husband. Andi’s final three bachelors consisted of two great, loving guys and one with questionable motives.

Let’s start with Chris. Poor Chris, who didn’t make it past the final three, brought Andi home to Iowa to meet his family, only to be sent back home the very next week. After claiming to love Chris’s family and proclaiming Iowa as her favorite hometown visit, Andi didn’t wait until the final rose ceremony to break Chris’s heart. Their last date ended with Andi rambling on about how she would love to have feelings for Chris, but just didn’t.

“I hated the way Andi broke up with Chris,” said Mickie Jones, a Denham Springs resident. “If she really felt the way she said she did, like non-romantic feelings, she should have sent him home a long time ago. Honestly, I think it was just a cop out for her not wanting to live in a small town with a farmer. He never hid the fact that he was a farmer from a small town, and I think she was just using the chicken way out by blaming it on something else.”” Throughout the show, America fell in love with Chris and was heartbroken when he was sent home. Many fans were cheering his name during the finale when a fan asked who the next Bachelor would be.
“I really hope he’s the next bachelor,” said Jones. “He’s just so simple and honest and that makes him real.”

I’m sure this sweet farmer would have girls from all over the US wanting to learn a few things about growing corn.

After Chris left, confused and upset, Josh and Nick were left as the final two. The morning of the proposals, Nick received an unexpected knock on his door. Andi told him that something just wasn’t right, and finally said goodbye to Nick. Was this something the very thing that the guys had warned Andi about before? The other guys, after living in the same house as Nick, all began questioning his motives, as well as his character. They talked amongst themselves about the “game” he was playing to make it to the end. Nick was always very cocky and overly confident about making it to the next round. The other guys doubted his feelings for Andi, and truly believed he was only trying to strategically win the Bachelorette “game.” Several of the men warned Andi about his character and motives but, at the time, Andi didn’t seem give it much of a thought.

“I thought Nick was an obsessive creeper all throughout the show!” said Jamie Fontenot of Gonzales. “However, I felt so bad for him at the end because you could tell he truly was in love with her.”

I don’t think Nick deserved to make it as far as he did, but I am glad Andi finally noticed that something wasn’t right about him.

“I think she ended it the right way by not making him propose to her and get his hopes way up,” LSU student Emelie Gunn said. “Plus Andi’s dad really didn’t give Nick his blessing like he flat out did for Josh.”

As much as I wanted Nick off the show, I truly believed that Andi would choose Nick in the end. Looking back on the season, especially the last few episodes, it is obvious that the producers manipulated the audience into believing that Andi had a better relationship with Nick than Josh. She constantly questioned if Josh was “too good to be true,” but never had such doubts with Nick. She even said during the finale that she was very attracted to Josh physically, but admitted that her and Nick shared a “passion” for each other and a “mental and intellectual connection.”

“I definitely think the producers made it seem like she loved Nick,” Fontenot said. “When she told him on the After the Rose that she never was in love with him, I was shocked. The show made it seem like she loved him.”

Regardless, Nick did not deserve a successful woman like Andi, nor did Andi deserve such a conniving and egotistic bachelor.
After getting rid of Nick, Andi now believes that Josh, a former professional baseball player, also from Atlanta, is the man of her dreams. Josh has promised to love Andi forever, and she has an extravagant ring on her finger to prove it.
“Ilove Josh! I am so happy she picked him,” Gunn said. “I wanted him to win from the first time they went on a date.”

Though Andi has mentioned that Josh reminds her of guys she’s dated in the past, she claims that Josh is different. Mickie Jones disagrees.
“I think both [Nick and Josh] are arrogant and self-centered. But, if Andi thinks she can be happy with Josh, go for it,” she said. “We’ll see if it works.” Personally, I think Josh was a much better catch than Nick. He seems to be a genuine guy with good motives.

“I think [Andi] made the right choice!” Fontenot said. “She went with her heart. Looking at the two of them together after the show you could tell how in love they [were]. So cute!”

Josh does seem to love Andi and treat her well, so I hope this the newly-engaged couple gets their “happily ever after.”


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