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Apps on Tap

By Rickey Miller


Don’t you hate when your friends designate you to be the weekend driver? Now you have to find the balance between being the responsible one and indulging in the drunken festivities with everyone else. Well, there’s an app for that – actually, several apps for that. Here are a few must-have apps for your irresponsible weekends.


  1. Uber. Never get a DUI! Baton Rouge finally has its own Uber system. If you haven’t heard of it yet, Uber acts as a taxi-like service through your cellphone. But unlike a typical taxi, with Uber you no longer have to wonder, How long will it take before I can get a ride? How much will my fair be? Or, Will my driver be a creepy looking alien for another planet? Uber can answer all those questions with just a tap, using your phone’s GPS to determine the best and most accurate estimated time of arrival for your ride, along with an estimated fare cost once you enter your drop off location. It’ll even show your driver’s name, photo, and vehicle. So no more calling a cab or showing up in a big yellow van – your friends and yourself can not only arrive and leave the bar safely but do it in style. The best part of all is Uber offers many promotional codes including a “First Free Ride” code that allows you to experience the awesomess of Uber without charge.


  1. Drunk Mode. This app is one of the best-kept secrets around. If you’re one of those people who texts all of your exes and flings when you are drunk and then regret the next day, this app is definitely for you! The app uses your contacts to build a personalized list of numbers you want to prevent yourself from texting. After you have compiled your list of “blocked contacts,” you can set a timer ranging from three to 12 hours for how long you plan to drink that night. Try to end the timer early and you’ll have to face a “Drunk Quiz” (usually compiled of a complex mathematical problem) which you have to answer correctly in order to remove the timer. No more worries about explaining your drunken text escapades the next morning!


  1. Can I Drive Yet. So you drove to the bar and now you drank more than you expected. Leaving your car is not an option. What do you do? You download Can I Drive Yet app. The app is rated the no. 1 rated BAC (blood alcohol calculator) and combines your age, weight, metabolism rate, and gender with the type, serving size, alcohol percentage, and quantity of the drink(s) in order to estimate your blood-alcohol level. Every time you throw another one back, you add it to your profile. The app is time sensitive and takes into consideration the time you begin drinking and the time you check your blood-alcohol level to monitor your level of drunkenness and save you from a DUI or worse. Never drive impaired!



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