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April 2018: In This Issue

I’m obsessed with the movie “Dirty Dancing.” Last year was the 30th anniversary of the film and to celebrate, Cinemark showed the movie in their theater. It just so happened to be on my birthday. So, I gathered a few friends and my boyfriend to go see Baby and Johnny in the best dance montages ever recorded. What I didn’t know was that my boyfriend was planning something even bigger.

He bought out half the theater and invited a lot more people. It was certainly a surprise when they all showed up. Still clueless, I was excited to watch my favorite movie with my favorite people. Little did I know that after the credits rolled, our friends would surround us in the empty theater, the lights would come up (as prearranged with the Cinemark staff), and my boyfriend would ask me to marry him.

Sometimes it sucks being the only one not in on a secret. And sometimes it’s the best thing ever. I said yes, of course. And with a proposal like that, the wedding is bound to be a great one—as soon as we perfect “the lift” we’ll all have the time of our lives.

Spring is in the air, and in Louisiana that means a small window of mild temps and spending more time outside. It means weddings, festivals, food, and fun. For some of us, it also means that the eleventy billion pollen count has us feeling like a miserable puffer fish sneezing the day away. In any case, spring is still an amazing time here in the South. In this issue, DIG took some time to celebrate it.

We asked for wedding submissions, and you guys did not disappoint. Inside, you’ll find four local weddings from 2017 featured. Each of them brought their unique touches to the big day in a big way. We also talked to a professional wedding planner, an artist doing live reception paintings, and so much more. If you’re planning a wedding or just adore the notion, you’ll find something to dive into.

Festivals are everywhere this time of year. DIG has highlighted some Baton Rouge options for April and some amazing festival food favorites around the state. Even our fashion spread this month gets in on the festival love with glamorous throwback looks from Time Warp.

Whatever spring means to you, we’ve got you covered. Pop your Zyrtec, schedule your crawfish boil, plan your festival wardrobe, and get outside. You won’t regret it.


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