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Bachelors of Baton Rouge: Ben LaCour

By day, Ben LaCour works as an equipment and traffic supervisor for Trimac, a company he’s been moving up in for years.

“When I was 18 I started working on 18 wheelers, diesels and chemical tanks doing mechanic work, and I did that for about 7 years, and recently moved up into traffic management,” he said. “It’s better because I don’t have to work in the heat and the rain.”

But in his free time, you’ll see him in a different setting — a studio. LaCour plays guitar and sings, and he’s furthering his skills by learning how to play the piano.

“I love guitar, but I think piano can be prettier if you’re super good at it, he said.

Music has always been a big part of LaCour’s life. His mother, who was one of 10 children, grew up in a house full of musicians, and he’s been in talent shows since he was a child.

LaCour has six country alternative songs available on iTunes, and he’s always working on growing that number. He currently performs solo, but said a band isn’t out of the question if he found the right people.

“I’ve had offers, but I’ve tried them and some of them tend to not work out very well and make music almost where it’s not enjoyable,” he said. “For me, music is my escape from the real world, so I can’t have someone screwing that up.”

But his music isn’t just a hobby. LaCour has been flown to Ft. Lauderdale to perform, and sometimes he’s recognized on the street. He hopes to grow his career in the music industry, but he wouldn’t leave his current job until stardom was a sure thing.

If he ever went on a reality singing competition, it’d probably be “The Voice,” he said. His favorite judge is Adam Levine.

If you like a wide variety of genres, your musical taste may be compatible with LaCour. He likes an array of artists, from Gavin DeGraw to Lady Gaga. But one person he doesn’t like is Kanye West.

“I can’t watch the Grammy’s because they just keep letting him come back,” LaCour said.

In the mean time, he spends as much time as possible outdoors. LaCour loves going to the beach and spending time near the water. Eventually he’d like to move closer to the beach, and he joked he’d build a house so close to the water he’d never get insurance.

It’s also important to know LaCour has a soft spot for animals. Though he loves being outdoors, he said he could never hunt because he loves animals too much. He has three dogs: Boston, Boss and Lex. And yes, Lex is named for Lex Luther. If you like “Smallville,” you’ll get along great with LaCour.

“[I’m interested in] someone that has a good personality and is fun and knows what he wants in life,” he said. “I’ve had my share of lost ones who don’t know what they want.”

Photo by Nicholas Martino.

Listen to some of Ben’s music below:


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