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Bachelors of Baton Rouge: Jay Ducote

You may know Jay Ducote as a well-known Baton Rouge cook, food blogger and media personality.

Jay first started out in the culinary world by throwing tailgate parties for LSU football games, which eventually led him to eating and drinking for a living by running several food and beverage companies and celebrating Louisiana’s culinary culture.

“I’m a big teddy bear with just the right amount of ambition,” Ducote said, whose hobbies include cooking, traveling, sailing, LSU sports, and hunting and fishing when he gets the chance.

And with his ambition firing his professional life, he is also inclined to have it in his personal life as well. The top qualities that attract him to someone include a lady’s overall personality and sense of humor. While pretty eyes and an equally pretty smile are his two favorite physical features, he also enjoys a girl with a good head on her shoulders.

“Certainly, there should be a degree of intellect,” Ducote said. “I would like someone I can carry a conversation with.”

As far as deal breakers go, Ducote says that bad grammar ranks up there.

“Grammatical errors are kind of a turnoff,” Ducote said. “And close-mindedness. I’m a fairly open-minded person, and I always like to be living a life of adventure and creativity. Somebody that is very closed-off and is not open to new things or thinks they already know everything is not very appealing to me.”

Currently, Ducote doesn’t have a set long term plan in mind; rather, he just enjoys life as it happens.

“I like to take everything in stride one step at a time and always be open to new things that can come along rather than try to over plan for the future. But I’m always looking forward and looking ahead. Plenty on the horizon.”

And women who love good food would get plenty of samples of what’s on the near horizon for Ducote.

“I would be a perfect match for somebody who loves tacos because I’m opening up a taco shop in 2017,” Ducote said. “My future is certainly bright with tacos.”

So ladies, how should you best approach, Ducote?

“In person works well if they can track me down,” Ducote said. “I’m a fairly public guy, and it’s pretty easy to find me at some event around Baton Rouge doing some pop-up dinner or something along those lines. That’s probably a better way to approach me than through any sort of digital means…I get fairly bombarded with social media stuff. ”

And after you have your first date, second date, or 10th, you can’t go wrong with what you pick to make for breakfast in the morning.

“I usually don’t eat a whole lot of breakfast in the morning,” Ducote said. “I love biscuits, I love my granny’s cinnamon pecan rolls, and I’m a big fan of breakfast sausage. I like eggs any way that you can get them. French toast, waffles and pancakes all are a hit.”

A relationship with Ducote would certainly involve tasting great food and unexpected excitement, but you would also find a person who knows the right amount of effort to put in.

“You can’t put too much effort into it,” Ducote said. “What I mean there is you can never put enough into it. It’s something you always have to be working at and willing to take risks on and put yourself out there.”

Photo by Taylor Hunter.


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