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Bachelors of Baton Rouge: Jonathan Palmisano

Most of the country knows Jonathan Palmisano as a loving father who made packing daily lunches into an art form by leaving cartoon notes in his son Jacob’s lunch bag.

Palmisano graduated from LSU in 2007 with his BFA with a concentration in graphic design. He got his first job right out of school at Associated Grocers as their in-house designer while also doing freelance on the side.

In 2012 he moved to work with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana as a senior graphic designer in their communications department.

Recently, he gained attention on social media for his napkin illustrations under the moniker Lunchbox Doodles. When his son was younger, Palmisano thought it would be a cool idea to put something in his lunch each day that resembled an aspect of Palmisano’s own childhood as his mother left notes in his lunchbox as a child.

“She would write simple notes on post-its like ‘Good luck on your test’ and things like that…and I just remembered that happening, so it obviously had an impact on me as a child,” Palmisano said. “Jacob was learning to read at the time so I thought I would draw something instead.”

He posts the napkin doodles he creates for his son on Tumblr and Instagram.

“It’s something that just came out of my love for illustration,” Palmisano said, who still creates the napkins for his son. “I’ve always been into doing art in various forms. The main reason I do it is for the impact it’ll have on him.”

When it comes to describing himself, Palmisano says he is a father, artist, and designer in that order. He is drawn to women with a fun personality, a sense of humor, strong moral character, and a cute smile.

“I just like having a good time with people,” Palmisano said. “So a sense of humor is really important to me…I want to eventually find someone that I feel like aligns with me in trying to provide a good example for my son.”

Deal breakers include not liking kids (duh), women who smoke or use drugs, being overly needy and listening to only country music. In his spare time, Palmisano enjoys seeing live music, especially metal, rock, funk, and jazz. He also enjoys art gatherings, illustrating and painting, coaching his son’s sports teams and volunteering with non-profits.

Palmisano said he prefers becoming friends first, or being acquainted with ladies beforehand.

“I would prefer to be approached in person, and I am always open to meeting new people,” Palmisano said. “I don’t usually think of dating a woman without having had some sort of previous interaction with her. Casual conversation is a great way to get a basic sense of who someone is.”

A date with Palmisano includes eating at a restaurant with a fun and comfortable environment, then heading to enjoy a creative outing such as live music or an art show. If the date goes well, he may suggest grabbing a drink afterward.

And as far as breakfast in the morning?

“Louie’s hash browns or brunch at Chimes,” Palmisano said.

Photo by Taylor Hunter.


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