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Bachelors of Baton Rouge: Trey Maughan

Musicians have a new home for musical creativity thanks to Trey Maughan, who owns and operates
his own recording studio.

Base Camp Studios offers a space to Baton Rouge artists where they can create and perfect their craft. Maughan works as the sound engineer at Base Camp, which entails engineering the sessions by recording and mixing as well as running the day to day operations. The studio operates in music genres across the board, but most of what he works with is hip-hop and R&B.

He was first introduced to recording by working for a management company that managed reality television stars when there was a big boom of reality shows in the area. The company had in-house assets to record PSAs and voiceovers, and Maughan discovered his talent working on promotional materials.

“I just became really interested in it and wanted to learn more and more,” Maughan said. “Then I just started my recording studio and just built it up.”

His current goal is to become a member of the Grammy Association for Louisiana, which will allow him to get a certain number of commercial credits and offers networking opportunities. Down the road, Maughan would love to open a second studio in New Orleans after recently visiting the city and getting to know its culture.

“I just really hadn’t visited it too much or seen what the city had to offer before, so I’ve really fallen in love with New Orleans, and I would really just like to see if there is a way to find a market down there,” Maughan said. “I think it would great in five years to potentially live down there and have a studio in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.”

Outside of work Maughan enjoys playing video games on his Xbox, watching films, cooking and working on his house after it received water from the flood.

As far as relationships go, Maughan looks for someone who is genuine with a sense of humor and is confident. Big deal breakers include smoking and being a Bama fan. When it comes to physical features, the first thing he notices is a girl’s smile.

“I’m a big teeth guy,” Maughan said. “Big, white teeth.”

When interested in someone, the way Maughan pursues a relationship is by taking them out for dinner or drinks and have conversations with them to get to know them better. Some of the spots he enjoys taking his dates are Bistro Byronz, Radio Bar, and Olive or Twist. And just FYI, Maughan enjoys poached eggs for breakfast.

Best lesson in love Maughan has learned? Do not let the relationship become complacent.

“Treat every day as the first date,” Maughan said.

The craziest thing he’s ever done for love was buying a pair of Louboutin heels for his then girlfriend.

“She always wanted a pair but would never have gotten them for herself,” Maughan said. “We were dating for two years at that point, and I got them for her as a Christmas gift. I don’t think she wears them. I think she keeps them on display.”

Besides contacting Maughan on social media, he says the best way to let him know you’re interested is the direct approach. Maughan finds it extremely attractive when a girl approaches him.

“I have a terrible approach game, so I appreciate it, but I’m also a believer in a guy should make the first move,” Maughan said. “Also an introduction through a friend works. Let me know ‘Hey, they’re interested so the ball is in your court to make the approach.’”

Photo by Nicholas Martino


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