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Ballin’ on a budget: 10 gifts under $30 your valentine will actually want

There’s no getting around it: It’s Valentine’s Day, and you’ll need to buy your significant other something special. But, there’s only one problem — you’re limited on funds. Check out some of our favorite gift ideas under $20 that your date will be sure to love!

Sunglasses • $10 – $20 

We aren’t referring to the top of the line brands like Ray-Ban or Gucci, but there are many affordable and stylish brands of sunglasses available at the click of a button or in local retail stores. Boohoo.com is a great option, and if you’re more of an in-store shopper, you can get good deals at Aldo in the Mall of Louisiana.

For Him  |  Undies •  $12 – $25

Nothing says, “I love you” like a pair of heart printed boxers.  While, it’s not the most exciting gift,  if your man has a sense of humor, he will find your gift thoughtful and hilarious.

For Her | Manicure • $15 – $25

Not only will you be saving your significant other money for her weekly trip to the nail salon, but you’ll also let her know you appreciate the little things she does to keep herself up.

For Her | Bath and Body Works Gift Set • $15 – $30 

If there’s one thing women love, it’s smelling good!  Surprise your boo by gifting her with one of the many gift sets available at Bath and Body Works. One thing we do recommend, however, is making sure she isn’t allergic to any of the products before buying them.  The last thing you want is to gift her with something that may cause an allergic reaction.

Sweet Treats & Flowers • $10 – $30

While it’s very traditional, it still works — chocolate covered strawberries are Valentine’s Day must haves.  Sweet treats paired with a bouquet of flowers are for non-materialistic couples.

For Him | Gift Card to his favorite sporting goods spot • $30 

If your man is the type of guy who’s impossible to shop for, take the easy road and buy him a gift card to his favorite sporting store.  This way, he can decide for himself what items he prefers to buy, and you don’t have to spend hours struggling for that perfect gift.

For Her | Silver Knot Ring • $12 – $20

Silver knot rings are one of fashions biggest trends at the moment and can be found for a very affordable price on Amazon.com.  These rings are simple, cute and most of all easy to find.  If you are a last minute gift shopper, don’t worry. Amazon has rush delivery for a reasonable fee.

Wine & Set • $15 – $30

If your boo loves wine, we suggest buying them some really cute wine glass set with a cheap — yes I said CHEAP — bottle of wine.  We’re in college, and no one will judge you for buying 3-buck-chuck from Trader’s Joe’s or Oak Leaf  from Wal-Mart.

Sexy Album For Your Eyes Only • $10 – $20 

Volunteer your best friend to be your photographer as you create a steamy, sexy photo album for your bae’s eyes only.  This gift idea is perfect for those who are on a tight budget.  With the exception of the cost to print the photos themselves — which can be printed at Walgreens for under $1 each — you will only need to purchase a photo album.

For Him |  Leather Faux Wallet $25 – $30

Let him know you care about where his money goes…literally.  Upgrade your man from that old, torn wallet to a nice grown-up faux leather wallet.  We suggest you trying retailers like J. Crew, Aldo, Forever 21 and Call It Spring.  These stores always have great deals on accessories like wallets.  It’s something he needs and probably doesn’t care to buy for himself.


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