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Basking in the Afterglow

By William McCray Sutherlin

No Need for Armor is one of the heaviest sounding groups in Baton Rouge. The five-piece band came together in Livingston Parish and is made up of Corey Michelli (Guitar), Brandon Alcorn (Guitar), Peter Abrahams (Bass), Clay Lockhart (Drums), and Charles Petersen (Vocals).

Local venues in Baton Rouge have helped shape their sound into what it is today.

“We all grew up in the music scene here,” Michelli explained. “I used to practically live at the darkroom in Baton Rouge. That place helped us see some our most favorite bands up close and personal. It gave us a chance to meet all our idols. I’ve met so many bands because of that place. Bands like Dead To Fall, Six Feet Under, Suicide Silence, and a hell of a lot more.”

After playing non-stop shows for around two years, the band took a much-needed hiatus. This allowed them to collect themselves and acquire vocalist Charles Petersen, a move that dramatically changed their sound.

No Need for Armor’s upcoming EP, Origins is self-produced, and no release date has been set thus far.

“We have a certain sound we want to achieve, and we feel we can do it better and be happier about it producing all of it ourselves,” Michelli said. “This way there’s no pressure to hurry it up. We want to have it done by the fall this year but we will see what happens till then.

The group feels their break from action has helped them revitalize, bringing a new sound to the scene.

“We are definitely pushing our skills to a new level this go around. We feel like our new bass player Peter and vocalist Chase is what we need to push the band to the next level. They are both very talented musicians at what they are doing and we want them to contribute to the music and we want their input on things.”

The band’s first single from the new EP is “Afterglow,” and they hope to release another by August or September. With a substantial following in Baton Rouge, their upcoming show at the Varsity is sure to have a solid turnout.  With the band back in action, fans are wondering if they plan to go on tour any time soon.
“We have been talking about touring more than ever lately actually,” Michelli remarked. “We are hoping by this time next year we will be ready for the road, and ready to pursue this as a full time job. We know the odds are stacked against us with how much talent they have out there now days. Although we feel like we can succeed with hard work and dedication. Just got to take it one day at a time, keep setting goals for ourselves, and never take no for an answer.”

No Need for Armor
Varsity Theatre
July 5 – 8:00 p.m.

DIG: If you could pick one musician/band to collaborate with, who would it be and why?

Michelli:  Honestly I would probably say at this moment in time it’s Korn for me. I’ve always thought most music today reminds me of Korn in a sense. All the heavy low tuning and weird chords and effects. Korn was doing that shit in a way that influenced most musicians in today’s music scene. And I’m strictly talking about old Korn. Everything from untouchables and under. I’m not a fan of much after that.



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