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Baton Rouge’s pizza scene has grown to offer a wide variety

This week, Dat’z Italian in White Star Market starting serving Sicilian style pizza squares – think crispy, focaccia-style crust loaded with your favorite pizza toppings. It brings a fantastic amount of crisp to a thick crust, and weights in around $7 per meal-sized square. It brings a new and exciting style of pizza to Baton Rouge. 

This got us thinking – what are all of the pizza styles you can enjoy in BR? After years of having a sheer lack of pizza variety, Baton Rouge has vastly expanded it’s options, giving diners a variety of pizza tastes and styles. 

Rocca Pizzeria – Rocca (and it’s younger sibling Lit) bring traditional Neapolitan style pizza to town. Thin, crispy, charred on the edges with a light sprinkling of cheese – a true taste of Italy. Neapolitan style pizzas are cooked in a blazing hot wood fired oven, giving it a toasty, roasty taste. 

City Slice– New Haven, Connecticut style pizza, which seems to be a cross between traditional Neapolitan and New York slices. It’s thin-crusted and coal fired, and City Slice offers it just on the outskirts of LSU campus – the perfect post-tailgate treat! 

Dat’z Sicilian Slices– while Dat’z originating menu is full of Neapolitan style pies, this new menu item brings something new and fantastic to the scene from a different region of Italy. Thick, focaccia style dough with simple and delicious toppings. 

Schlitz and Giggles– the closest thing to New York style slices we have. Thin, flimsy and arguably greasy, making it the perfect late night meal. Get it late at night at their Perkins location or better yet, out of their to-go window on Third Street after a night out downtown. 

Fleur de Lis – ask anyone raised in Baton Rouge where the best pizza is and this is what you might hear. Fleur de Lis doesn’t claim to commit to any particular style, but from the looks, it’s a standard St. Louis style pie. Thin, soft bread cut into small pieces and loaded with toppings. 

Flambée Cafe– Flambée offers French tarte flambées, pastry-like flatbread pizzas that are perfectly shareable and come in a variety of interesting flavors like mushroom, onion, goat cheese and creme fraiche or brie and fig. It’s a nice, lighter alternative to traditional pizza. 

Rotolo’s Craft and Crust– The only place in town to try a Chicago-style deep dish pie, and their Burbank location is absolutely worth visiting. Their slice bar is fantastic, and they offer a huge variety of great pies and brews. 


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