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Beaver dam jam – city contends with pesky aquatic mammals

A scourge is plaguing the waterways of East Baton Rouge. Work crews with the city maintenance department were recently called out to remove 2 troublesome beaver lodges near Alsen.

Famous for their prolific building skills, the removal of beaver lodges (aka dams) is no small undertaking. In this case, workers utilized a backhoe, which does the job handily but also requires permits that can take weeks to obtain, since the dams are situated on protected wetlands.

Now, with their homes destroyed, the city is debating what to do with the displaced beavers.

City officials are faced with three choices: relocate the animals and run the risk that they will continue to create a nuisance in a new location, find them a permanent home such as a zoo or sanctuary, or…extermination.

While the city weighs its options, the beavers are likely back at work on new lodges, which can choke waterways and inhibit the healthy flow of rivers and streams.

What do you think the city should do about the beaver problem? Let us know in the comments.


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