Dig Baton Rouge


By Rickey Miller


If there’s one thing Tigers do better than any other school…it’s party. Rain, shine or snow, if there is a party to be had, we’re there. Accompanied with our memories from 2015, here are some of the best social media photos from our favorite tigers.

Just a Few Reasons Why We Loved Tigerland in 2015


We partied through hurricanes and ice storms

You could always count on your favorite Tigerland bars to Tweet “We’re Open” and of course, we didn’t need much convincing to weather the storms for drink deals or open bar.


Tent parties were better than ever

Football season brought us some of the best tent parties and best memories with great friends.


The DEALS never stopped

We continued to enjoy the open bar and weekly drink specials. Thank you for that.


Our favorite bartenders became OUR friends

Chances are you probably know every bartender in every single bar you go to in Tigerland. Most of them know you on a first name basis and can probably recall your most drunken moments, which brings us to our next reason why we loved Tigerland in 2015…


We continued to make really bad choices that made great stories

Remember that time in Tigerland? Yea, we all have those stories that begin with that, and chances are, although you probably made a complete fool of yourself, you wouldn’t change a thing.


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