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Grace Covered Curves reflects blogger’s inner and outer self

Ever since the age of eight, Alexx Whitehead was deemed overweight. Dealing with bullies, self-hate, and yearning for a new body was nothing new, but at age 15, Whitehead decided to let go of the negativity in favor of embracing her faith and grew to love her natural curves. Now age 23, the size 24 Baton Rouge native took an extra step on her journey of self-love by creating her plus size fashion blog Grace Covered Curves. DIG sat down with Whitehead to talk about the blog, how she follows her own style, and how plus size women can beat the Louisiana heat.

What were the early inspirations for starting your blog? So I’ve always been plus sized, and, actually it’s a really funny story, I was looking at wedding dresses and my best friend she sat me down, and she was like, “I’ve always watched you, and even though it’s harder for plus size women, you’ve never let it hold you back, and you’ve never let it affect the way you dressed because you always dress nice, you always present yourself in such a way.” Also, within the last year, I’ve come to realize a lot of things about myself. I am happy with who I am. I’m not where I want to be, but why not live in the moment and I thought why can’t I inspire someone else to live that way too?

Who are your biggest fashion influences? Right now, there’s a blog called Sassy Red Lipstick, she’s one of my big influences, and people like Ashley Graham. They put it out there for the plus size women to be able to embrace yourself and things like that.

How do you stay current with what’s in style? I don’t base what I dress mostly off of like what’s in style or what not because I dress modestly. So, I only wear dresses, I only wear skirts because with my religion and everything, and I believe in a modest lifestyle. So, it’s hard for me to follow trends sometimes but I also find my individuality in that. Everything floral is a big thing for me right now.

Any style tips for plus size women in this Louisiana heat? My thing is always to dress thin. Thin everything because it is so hot. So just finding something that’s you. Don’t let anyone tell you, “Well, you know you’re big you can’t wear that, or you shouldn’t wear something like that.” You have to find your individuality in what you wear.

Any tips for first-time bloggers? Just being persistent. I do this as a hobbyist, as something I love, so I try to balance it with my everyday life. You have to make sure you stay on a posting schedule and things like that. So, a big thing is staying authentic with what you post. A big thing I went through in the beginning was I wanted all my pictures to be the perfect picture, but looking at them I went, “That’s not me. That’s not my normal life.” I wanted them to see my what my typical every day is and being authentic is a big part of it.

What is the best adventure you’ve been on because of your blog? Just being able to receive some of the messages I’ve received and been able to influence someone and inspire someone to me that is the biggest adventure that’s come out of this. That it might be stressful for me, and it’s been a road, but I’ve impacted someone.

How does your faith influence your blog? Well, like I said, right now my blog is personifying my life. It is me, so faith is a big part of my life, and I feel like they coincide. If I’m writing about something, then it’s going to be about what I believe, what I feel, so I think they go hand in hand as to who I am as a blogger.

How long has the blog been active? I launched it in March. It’s not super old yet. We’re still building our following.

What is your favorite outfit you’ve put together? That’s a hard one. It’s a velvet pink pleated skirt and then a The Little Mermaid shirt because I’m totally into cutesy little things like that. That’s probably one of my top favorites.

What are your aims for the future of the blog? I’m not sure yet. Obviously, I’d like for it to be big. My biggest goal right now is to keep influencing and keep pushing women to believe in a better self.

Photos courtesy of Adrianna Dupont of Gingersnap Photographs


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