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Gifts for Movie Lovers

By Bill Arceneaux

Black Friday and Christmas looms over the country. Rapid shoppers will descend upon stores, online and real, in droves, searching for the best deals. Love is in the air, and it sounds like a cash register.

Sorry for my glum approach to the consumerist aspect of the season. As a movie buff, friends and family will often tell me how difficult it can be to pick out gifts – DVD or BluRay? Spielberg or Kubrick? The restoration or the theatrical cut? Indeed, we can boggle many a mind.

Not to worry! Below, I have compiled three services that will make many a cinephile’s heart flutter, without breaking your bank all that much:


Ever since this company opened a few years ago, I’ve been a devoted supporter. Here’s the gist: For a monthly fee of $30, you get a debit card and a smart phone app. You go to a movie theater, open the app, select the movie and showtime and check in at the location – this will activate your card. Then…use the card to purchase a ticket. DONE!

There are some restrictions: 2D movies only, one movie per 24-hour period, and you can only see a particular movie once. However, as someone who goes to the theater quite often, $30 a month for tickets is a steal. Your friend or loved one may find themselves living in the multiplex because of this gift. Visit moviepass.com for more information!

Movie Tavern

So, you’ve purchased a MoviePass membership. Now what? There are so many theaters to choose from, which do you recommend to use the card at first?

Movie Tavern – which just recently renovated the shuttered Holiday Theater in Covington – is completely worth the trip from Baton Rouge! Imagine a hybrid of Buffalo Wild Wings and a cinema, and you’d be close to what Movie Tavern offers. On a recent moviegoing experience, I found that a ticket isn’t necessary to enter the bar – meaning that you can make up your ticket purchase over a tanker of beer.

Once you’ve had your fill, grab a stub and head on in to their version of IMAX called MTX – Movie Tavern Xtreme – a screen boasted at three stories tall. A wait staff at your seated beckon call, you can order anything from sliders to breakfast (in the morning, of course). And don’t worry – they’re quiet and courteous. Visit movietavern.com for more information!

Vyer Films

So your giftee has now been out and about. Is there something so settle their thirst for film at home? Of course there is.

Vyer Films is a recent video on demand startup. They host a selection of curated movies (new ones picked every month) with a plethora of digital bonus features – essays, music, behind the scenes videos, etc. From foreign to independent, Vyer presents a young service that is only getting better. I understand a ROKU channel is coming soon. There are a few subscription levels to choose from, and a growing catalog to view from. Visit vyerfilms.com for more information!


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