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Blogger Profile: Emily Ford, Limerence and Luck

Emily Ford, the woman behind the lifestyle blog Limerence and Luck, is a full-time student and marketing representative. But in her off time, she runs her blog, which she started when she wanted a hobby more productive than Netflix marathons. We caught up with Emily about her style, the most prized piece in her wardrobe and how she balances work, school and her blog.

Why did you start Limerence and Luck, and how did you come up with such an interesting name?
I learned of the term ‘limerence’ when I was studying abroad in college. When you Google the word, lots of definitions come up regarding what is basically unrequited love. In the exact context I learned of the word, it came to mean hopeless romance, of which I am all too familiar. (Hopeless romantic in all her glory right here!) Limerence is the passion and obsession you carry for whatever you may hopelessly love. My limerence, my passion, is for life and all of its kinks and quirks and priceless moments—for living life as fashionably and happily as I can! I chose ‘Luck’ out of pure irony. I’m probably the unluckiest person you’ll ever meet. My friends and I laugh about it, because that’s all you can do!
I started Limerence and Luck as a way for me to share my love for life with others. I actually did a ton of research before I decided on a blog, and the blogging community is such a fun one to be a part of! Plus, I wanted something more productive and challenging of a hobby than binge-watching Netflix on my days off from work. (Although I do love doing that, too.)

Photo by Jordan Gonzales.
Photo by Jordan Gonzales.

How did you become interested in fashion?
I most definitely was not always fashionable, nor did I have a sense of style. I actually started working in fashion retail right after college, and it was a whole new world to me, one that I ended up deciding I loved.

Describe your style in three words.
Comfortable, colorful and feminine

How has Louisiana shaped you in terms of style?
[Funnily] enough, something I heard in eighth grade has continued to stick with me…
“We don’t see the ‘new’ trends down here in Louisiana until three years after they’ve become a trend in New York or London!” Keeping that in mind, I turned to magazines, movies, music videos, anything and everything to try and stay “on trend.” Now, I do the same thing, but with forms of social media.

What’s the most prized piece in your wardrobe?
Definitely my Level 99 jeans. I love them! I wear them all the time.

Is there a woman in your family who inspired you in terms of beauty and style?
Although my mother is the one who taught me we as Southern Belles are allowed to wear more than minimal makeup and should never leave the house sans lipstick, it was actually two of my sorority sisters in college who inspired me. Carrie and Jazzy were (and still are) always to the ‘T’ with their hair, makeup, and outfits, and I knew wanted to be chic like that!

Photo by Melissa Chauvin.
Photo by Melissa Chauvin.

Your blog says you’re a graduate student. How do you balance school and creative ventures like blogging?
Honestly balance is still a challenge for me. I am a full-time student, and I work full- time. It takes effort and a lot of sacrificing time with friends and family to be successful in my endeavors. My most important tools are surrounding myself with a wonderful support team and a never-leave-my-side agenda. Oh, and sometimes I just have to take some “me” time. I grab drinks with friends or cook dinner for my boyfriend. I’ve even gone to the movies by myself. Sometimes you just need a little break from the crazy busy.

You recently did a drugstore haul on your blog. What’s your favorite drugstore product?
This is such a hard question, haha! I would have to say my Maybelline Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara. I’ve repurchased countless tubes, and I even keep one in my car. It’s my ride-or-die.

What’s the best advice you can give to up-and-coming bloggers?
This may sound a little scary, but don’t ever be afraid of failure! Not everything always goes the way you want it to, in life, with blogging or otherwise. But that’s okay! Don’t let yourself get discouraged. Success and good fortune [are] always right around the corner for those who don’t give up.

Photo by Jordan Gonzales
Photo by Jordan Gonzales
What’s next for Limerence and Luck?
My marketing professor suggested adding a vlog (video blogging/YouTube channel) portion to L&L, which I would love, because I’m so expressive vocally. But in the near future I think I’m going to do 30-day challenges. Like, 30 days of headbands or 30 days of polka dots. Okay, 30 days is a long time so maybe just 7 day challenges, haha. I can’t imagine wearing polka dots for a month straight.

Photos: Courtesy of Emily Ford by Melissa Chauvin and Jordan Gonzales.


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