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Bon Battements

By Pat Gunther


If you’ve never heard of Dolo Jazz Suite, listen a little harder for the heartbeat of Baton Rouge. This monthly roundup of the freshest beats and voices in and around the city – with occasional out-of-state names – is here for another jam session.

The Dolo Jazz Suite’s latest installment, slated for Feb. 19 at Spanish Moon, features established beat maker Iman Omari as the headliner, and Louisiana natives gigglebox, Zetroc, Fro-Yo Ma and A.D.D. Beats performing sets of their own. The LA based producer Omari has been hard at work crafting beats of a number of experimental styles. Most notably, on his June 2014 release Samadhi EP, Omari uses Arabic and African influences to add a distinctively personal touch to his esoteric and spacey production.

For an improvisation heavy event like Dolo, Omari’s rich textures and smooth jazz influences will surely please the crowd in their post-Mardi Gras recovery. From there, the smooth trip-hop stylings of gigglebox are destined to be a hit with the Spanish Moon crowd. Experimental spacey tones mixed with elements of traditional hip-hop come together in a grand musical matrimony that is seldom seen in the scheme of Louisiana music. The track “November,” a flip of Childish Gambino’s sensual “Urn,” is one of his strongest tracks to date, and shows his adept skill at flipping B-side tracks into fresh and exciting tunes.

Zetroc and his latest Bandcamp release, Adjacency: The Atrophy Outtakes, are more electronic based than the previous two and comparable in style and tonality to Dolo veteran and host of the show PRIME8 PIMPIN. The track “(Untethered) Stubborn Reprise” flexes his ability to create airy and spacious tracks without leaning too heavily on borrowed style.

Following Zetroc is NOLA’s very own Fro-Yo Ma who creates quirky and enchanting melodies over stoner instrumentals that are sure to lull the crowd into a silky and entrancing state while he lays down these eclectic productions. His standout track, a rework of Future’s “I Won” is sure to get the crowd moving, but in unexpected, fluid ways.

Finally, A.D.D. Beats will round out the show with dense and compact production that leans toward organized chaos. One’s focus can shift from punchy left and right drum tracks to smooth piano chords in an instant without losing any continuity or making the song feel out of whack. This talent, mixed with the eclectic cast set to perform on the 19th will surely tie into the different pieces each talented artist brings to the table.

With plenty of Baton Rouge concertgoers ready to cut a rug and party hard in the Big Easy on Tuesday, the star-studded Thursday night concert will provide a much needed come down. Whether you’re a fan of the local acts or are headed to the Moon to see LA’s well-established beat smith, the 22nd installment of Dolo Jazz Suite can provide.


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