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One of Baton Rouge’s very own was chosen to take part in the “Avon Campaign 19” catalog released in late August. Clark became a representative back in 2015 for financial reasons. Since then she has discovered a new part of herself in business that has influenced her goals today. Between being a full-time pharmacist, mom, and entrepreneur, she is driven for success. DIG talked with Starsky about her thoughts behind the campaign, her passion for business, and how her former life has impacted her current position with the company.

As a former Marine and full-time pharmacist, what inspired you to become an Avon Representative?    
I heard about the Avon opportunity through a co-worker of mine and was intrigued to join once I finished pharmacy school. Truthfully, I was looking for a great tax write off (ha!), but soon after joining, I realized all the opportunities that I was afforded by being an Avon Representative.

Does your background as a Marine impact or influence your position with Avon?
Most definitely! Being a Marine required a lot of discipline and perseverance, both of these have helped me grow my Avon business and become a confident leader in Avon. Being an entrepreneur, you have to set your own schedule, means of motivation and be flexible with ups and downs. You only will get from your business what you put into it and my background plays a key role in keeping me focused and hard at work to achieve my career goals.

Did you expect to become so passionate about Avon and business when you first started?
No, I didn’t. I just started selling to my friends and family. Then I started hosting Avon parties and everything grew from there. I was able to build a solid customer base and I became passionate about my business, the success I was seeing and making solid friendships along the way. Personally, I was also looking for more healthy options in my day-to-day. Using the new health and wellness line by Avon, Espira, I was able to lose over 25 lbs!

Do you have any long-term goals in relation to your newfound passion for business?
Yes, my goal is to retire from my full-time job as a pharmacist and become a Platinum Executive Leader with Avon.

You’ve developed a strong business background from being an Avon Representative. Do you have any advice for someone interested in pursuing this path?
Always give the best customer service possible, be consistent with your business and don’t be afraid to try new ideas.

With the demographic constantly changing, how do you keep Avon relevant to your clients?
I stay up to date with the latest fashion trends and participate in vendor events so that I can make recommendations to customers based on their personal style and beauty regimens. Being able to connect with them and offer options that seamlessly tie into their lifestyle and personal preferences makes a difference!

How do you feel about representing Baton Rouge in a national campaign?
I feel honored. I’m still in shock. I feel lucky to have so many supporters!

What were your first thoughts when being asked to model for this campaign?
“Oh My God!!! I can’t believe Avon chose me!!! How? Why???”

What does this campaign mean to you?
This campaign is the highlight of my time with Avon. It celebrates not only myself, but also Avon Representatives across the country. Whether it’s running your own business or building lifelong friendships, everyone has their own journey and reasons to be a part of the Avon community. It truly has become like a family for me. My customers are so happy for me and feel special that their Avon Representative is being acknowledged in a brochure.

What do you hope people get from Avon’s “Campaign 19”?
That with hard work and consistency they can achieve great success and be acknowledged. This campaign celebrates role models and real people making a difference and finding their version of success. I encourage others to keep doing what they’re doing and know that their efforts will be recognized and appreciated!

Photos by Alyssa Fisher


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