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Break Boredom?

By Rickey Miller

With only a week left, spring semester is quickly approaching and at this point you’ve probably nearly lost your mind out of boredom.  Well, once again DIG is here to help you.  We have prepared a nifty little bucket list of things to do and check out:

Make some money. 

What better way to spend your break than to make some cool cash!  If you’re a working student, simply asking for more hours or days at your job can quickly rack in the bucks.  However, if you aren’t employed, you should try selling some of your trendy fashions at a local consignment shop.  This way you’re not only cleaning that messy closet you’ve been meaning to do — but you’re getting paid while doing it!

Finish that series that you started months ago.  

We all have those shows we’ve started but just haven’t had the time to finish.  Take this time out to revisit that Netflix series that you’ve been itching to watch.  Not only will this consume most of your week, but also you’ll finally know how that suspenseful season ended and put your suspicions to rest.

Become more active. 

It’s the beginning of the year and what a great time to keep up with your resolution to lose weight or be more active.  Use your break to get in the groove of your new workout regimen.  Even if it is only 30 minutes, 3 days out of the week — exercising can definitely improve your health and help you shed a few extra pounds, leaving you in tip-top shape for spring break!

Eat healthier. 

One of the common excuses for not eating healthy seems to be “I never have time, fast food is much more convenient.”  With nothing but time on your hands, this should be the perfect opportunity for an easy transition into your new healthy lifestyle.  Head to the grocery store to pick up healthy food in order to cook — you’ll be saving money while doing something to improve yourself.

Do something scholarly.  

Thinking about graduate school?  Well, this is great time to research graduate programs at various colleges and universities. In addition, study for your GRE, LSAT, GMAT or MCAT.  Even if you aren’t necessarily sold on the idea of continuing your education after you graduate, you may be surprised at what opportunities are out there that might spark your interest.

Check out some local events. 

If you are simply looking to do something exciting and fun, check out this week’s Game Plan.  There you will find out about some of the hottest and most entertaining events happening right in your back yard.


There are always opportunities to make a difference.  Whether you decide to volunteer personally or for an organization, any type of volunteering makes a difference.  Visit some of your local non-profit organizations to give back to the community you’re calling home during your college career.

Get prepared for your first day back to school. 

Of course, you can always get ready for the spring semester!  While you’re on your last week of break, take some time out to buy textbooks and school supplies, drop or add any classes that you may have changed your mind about or speak with a counselor.  There’s nothing like being prepared and ready for the exciting adventure that’s in store for the semester.


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