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Kimberly Meadowlark paints whole new experience

The past few years have been a significant transformation for artist Kimberly Meadowlark. Formerly a sports jock, she turned to the world of art when health issues prevented her from competitive running. Known for her use of vivid color in her abstract paintings, her natural talent led her to become a household name in the Baton Rouge art scene. Her works have graced the walls of Mid-City businesses such as Brew Ha-Ha, Circa 1857 and Avallon Salon.

Now Meadowlark is looking to transform once more, this time with her artistic style.

Fans of Meadowlark’s work should be on the watch as the painter is transitioning her style from the smaller, brightly-colored resin pieces, to works that are larger-scale with more textures and neutral tones.

“I’m honestly doing the opposite of everything that I’ve made my money on,” Meadowlark said. “I’m going for more matte, mid-century tones, very muted colors, but not necessarily washed out. It’s going to be very minimal. I still like some color, just not like this eccentric, in-your-face thing I was going for before. I think I was trying too hard before.”

The recent change in art style was Meadowlark’s response when she realized she was stalling out creatively after completing a busy holiday season.

“I just stopped doing art completely because I was burnt out,” Meadowlark said. “I think that’s honestly what made me stop and realize this is not what I want to be feeling going into the studio. I was dreading it and out of creative ideas.”

The driving force for the change lies with Meadowlark’s family. Upon deciding to shift her art style, Meadowlark’s paintings have become more purposeful in their intent, which she attributes to her son, Levi. After becoming a mother, Meadowlark discovered a “less is more” vibe and came to appreciate the smaller things in life, which revitalized her creative spark.

“I’m feeling that vibe whenever I’m painting, whatever I’m painting,” Meadowlark said. “Cause if you look at it, it’s literally just a shape on a canvas, and it’s like why am I appreciating this so much more than the craziness going on in my life before? I think it’s matching my lifestyle now.”

Another change that Meadowlark has embraced is that she has slowly released her new work on social media. While the response has been positive, Meadowlark says that this is entirely for her and she is painting for herself.

“I love that people appreciate it,” Meadowlark said. “I didn’t think I would get that response just because I am so well known for the complete opposite. But at the same time if they were to comment that they don’t like it and to do my old stuff I wouldn’t care.”

For fans of Meadowlark’s original style, she is willing to take on commissions to an extent.

“I’m not just going to replicate something I have done, but if someone says they like these colors or this older style, I’ll do it,” Meadowlark said. “I still enjoy it.”

Describing her new aesthetic as mid-century, muted, minimalist fine art, Meadowlark says the next goal for her work is to submit to out-of-state galleries and shows.

“Baton Rouge is forever going to be home,” Meadowlark said. “If a gallery opportunity presented itself here or in surrounding cities, I’d be all about it. With what I’m doing now that’s my goal…to get into more galleries or with interior designers. I would love to be local; I’d love to collaborate and support the city around me.”

Photos by Sean Gasser


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