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BRothers Keeper

BRothers We Love opening

May 9 @ 7 p.m.

Chez Fab

3993 Iroquois St.

By Rande Archer

The word brother can be a subjective word, meaning different things to different people. Brothers in arms, blood-brothers, step-brothers, brother from another mother—all variants on a single core word. With this, the humble urban art house-based gallery Chez Fab is paying ode to artists brothers with its upcoming exhibit “BRothers We Love.”

Chez Fab, located at 3993 Iroquois street, will be opening this group art exhibition May 9 at 7 p.m. The show will include the works of Leiana Loveday Funck, Tanya Ruffin, Michelle Elder, Brittney Morse, Neda Parandian, Nellie Reesby, Michael A. Walker (known as ArtHouse 2041), Gabriel Alfonso Aguilar, Jacob Mitchell, Raven S. Jones, Michael Decuir Art, Geaux Calired, Lord Huey Russell Minor, in addition to a few surprise artists, with each artist expressing their idea of what a brother is.

“Artists are free to interpret that how they feel,” said Chez Fab’s owner and curator Cindy Wunderbar. “For me it’s about acknowledging that for years I have been a big dyke and somehow forgot, or minimized, the importance or value of men in my life. Since moving to Baton Rouge, hence the capital BR in ‘BRothers,’ most of my friends are heterosexual males, so I want to honor that.”

Wunderbar also added that in addition to its literal meaning, the artists involved touch on the societal meaning of a brother.

“For the other artists, it’s about literal brothers,” said Wunderbar. “And for others it ties into the way black males are being killed in this country right now. So [brothers] means something different to everyone, and I am very excited to see where everyone takes it.”

As for the styles for the exhibition, Wunderbar stated that the styles will vary widely for this show adding to the mixed interpretations of the brother theme.

“I believe there will be something for everyone,” Wunderbar said. “Some pieces may not settle well for some people. But I’d rather have a show that expresses something meaningful to the artist and makes people feel uncomfortable and requires that the viewer think, than to have a show that leaves no impact.”

One of the things that sets Chez Fab apart from other galleries is its status as a house. In addition, the house itself is a piece of art, adding a unique flair to the art gallery going experience. However this doesn’t simplify a show. Time and space will make for a surprising arrangement for this show.

“It’s always tricky hanging group shows,” said Wunderbar. “I always like to get the art ahead of time, but then people are busy, and I don’t get all the pieces. The arrangement at this point will be a surprise to me too.”


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