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Bumper Cars and Sorry Ghosts

Local Band Sorry Ghosts gives DIG the inside scoop on their newly released single, “Bumper Cars”

If you haven’t heard of the band Sorry Ghost, they like to describe themselves as a band that “rides the unfortunate line between pop punk and emo”. Their first professional studio single “Bumper Cars” was released in October and a new single, “Condescending” will be out THIS Friday! Check out what they had to say about recording and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates on their music.



What was the process like behind writing the single?

Daniel: Matt actually came up with the opening riff that caught my ear about a year ago.  I then went home and wrote the lyrics that night, but we couldn’t figure out how to work the riff and lyrics into a song right away. We shelved it for a few months and sort of forgot about it instead of trying to force it. A few months later, we found a phone recording of the riff and for some reason we instantly knew what to do with the song musically. We managed to piece together the rest of the song that day and probably went through about 20 iterations until we felt the song was just right.

Where did you get your inspiration from?

Matt: Both Daniel and I are big fans of late 90s bands like blink-182 and Green Day. I’m also a big fan of independent artists like Jeff Rosenstock who try to take the same energy from bands like those and combine it with meaningful lyrics and an updated sound. In a similar way, we try to encapsulate what we loved about the bands we grew up with into our songs while still sounding original and true to Sorry Ghost

Do the lyrics behind the song have a special meaning to you guys? 

Daniel: I wrote the lyrics in one night after Matt showed me the riff.  The opening riff has always felt very carnivalesque to me, and I knew I wanted to incorporate that theme.  That’s where the song title “Bumper Cars” comes from, and that inspired the theme of bumper cars acting as a metaphor for the back-and-forth nature of most aspects of life. I wish we could have featured a calliope to really bring the carnival sound home.

What was the experience like recording a professional studio single vs. doing it yourself?

Matt: In the past, we’ve been pretty happy with the quality of our home recordings. But now that we’ve been spoiled by professional studio recording, it makes our old stuff sound like it was recorded with two tin cans and a string.  We went with KonKrete Studios in New Orleans and the experience was phenomenal.  Our producer, Jonathan, was like a fourth member of the band with all the great suggestions he offered.



What can Baton Rouge expect from Sorry Ghost in the future? 

Daniel: We’re trying to gain as much exposure as possible, so we’re thinking our next move will be a mayoral run to become the first band to hold a singular political office.  We’re sure there are many people and several justifiable laws that will prevent our dream from coming to fruition. However any publicity is good publicity, so Sorry Ghost 2020.  Mark your calendars, Baton Rouge.

Any shows coming up? 

Matt: You can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be playing our Mayoral inauguration party in 2020. But since that’s a ways away, we’ve got a show at the Varsity Theatre here in town on January 11th or 12th.

Photos courtesy of Sorry Ghost 


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