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Buttercream Brilliance

By Matt Starlight

Have you ever been to a wedding, a baby shower, an infant’s birthday party, or other special event and been greeted by an elaborate, ornate cake that’s somehow captured the spirit of the occasion? There’s a good chance you have, and perhaps you wondered where you’d go to obtain a cake of that magnitude for yourself. Here in Baton Rouge, the shop to visit for sky-high desserts is Cake Goddess.

Owner and founder Kim Faucheux has prided herself on the decoration of her creations since Cake Goddess first opened their doors back in 2007.

“I’m an artist, first. I’ve been doing creative artwork since the 3rd grade,” Faucheux said. “I thought cakes would be an interesting thing because we do things other shops may not be willing to do or may not be capable of doing, like sculpting.”

Cake Goddess
Cake Goddess is happy to create a cake that looks like just about anything your heart desires and tastes great, to boot. Do you want a cake that looks like a lion made out of Rice Krispies? Yes, they can make that. How about one that resembles a certain pair of green and blue monsters? That one’s been done before, too. Footballs? Fleur de lis? Astronauts? Yes, yes, and yes. Cake Goddess has been able to whip up cakes that look like whatever you’re interested in because the goddesses in the shop are artists first, chefs second.

Each cake is handmade by one of the few chefs working for Faucheux and is designed specifically to meet your desires. Having one baked for your special occasion isn’t a conveyor belt experience. The chefs get to know you and ask exactly what it is you’re looking for.

“They usually have a theme that they’re going with and we ask them ‘What’s your theme? Do you want primary colors or do you want something that’s different?’” Faucheux said. “Everything along the line we’ve done, and usually first birthdays are over the top cakes. Like, they go all out.”

Of course, there’s more to a cake than just how it looks. How the cake tastes is paramount to their success, and Cake Goddess sets itself apart from the competition in this department, too. “I use butter in my frosting; not too many people do,” said Faucheux. “I’m not only coming from the art, I’m coming from the taste, and that’s what brings my customers back.”

Cake GoddessThey also use as little fondant as possible, which, as Faucheux describes it, is “like sugar Play-Doh.” They try not to incorporate it unless absolutely necessary. Instead, the chefs are shown a technique to get buttercream as smooth as fondant. When the cake is made of more buttercream than fondant, it’s bound to taste better.

They’ve got plenty of flavors to choose from, according to head artist and manager Madison Conway.

“We do all different flavors. All of the flavors that we have of gourmet cupcakes we can do as actual cakes,” she said. “The almond is the most popular, the wedding cake flavor, but the chocolate is my favorite we have. The chocolate butter cream, that’s good stuff.”

The actual process for baking the cake can be challenging, but Conway has been crafting these ornate sculptures at Cake Goddess for two years now and has fine-tuned her skills to perfection.

“The first step we actually do is if there’s any fondant work, we do that first so a lot of that stuff has to dry for a few days before we can put it on a cake,” Conway said. “We stack the cakes, which is where we get the cakes level, and we put the fillings in it. After that, we ice the cakes, smooth them out, and if they’re tiered, then we tier them up. Then we decorate it, in the refrigerator, and good to go.”

According to Conway, plenty of occasions call for simple cakes, but she reiterated that the most interesting typically come from first birthdays. “I always say one-year-olds get the coolest cakes, the most extravagant cakes. First birthdays are always fun to do because you know there’s going to be a lot of photos taken of that one so it’s nice to have an imprint on that.”

At Cake Goddess, the chefs work to ensure that your special occasion is as fantastic as it can be. Whether you want a classic wedding or an elaborately decorated, mile-high cake for the kids, Cake Goddess should be your first and last call.


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