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Google Baton Rouge AIDS stats and your mind will be blown by the numbers. Our metro area ranks near the top of every per capita metric the CDC produces for AIDS infections both new and existing. Baton Rouge’s black population is bearing the brunt of this epidemic. Black males ranked 3rd nationally have a rate of 178.6 per 100,000. While black females rank 6th in per capita infection rate. These are statistics are terrifying and warrant a drastic course of action. What can be done about this dire situation? Someone call the Reverend!

As part of its ‘AIDS is a Civil Rights Issue’ national awareness campaign, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation is sending Al Sharpton on a tour of Southern cities including Baton Rouge. On February 28 from 6 to 9 p.m. Reverend Sharpton will speak at a town hall style gathering at the Greater King David Baptist Church on 222 Blount Ave.

According to the CDC, the majority of new HIV/AIDS cases are found in the south. Incidentally, the highest concentration of the U.S.’s black population is located there as well. The logic of the argument that ‘AIDS is a Civil Rights Issue” can be made based on geography, demographics, and historically unequal access to resources such as health care and quality education. 44 of every 100 HIV/AIDS cases is an African American. This statistic is grossly disproportionate, considering African Americans make up 12 percent of the U.S.’s total population.

The purpose of this tour is to rally the support of local religious leaders, politicians, community activists, and stakeholders into action.The campaign is targeting the US South in an effort to raise awareness to this epidemic.



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