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Catching Fire

By Tara Bennett


Things are going to heat up quickly as Luminosity Productions (LP) returns this summer with their exciting Prymal Fireshow.

Initially, the Prymal Fireshow began as a bi-monthly event, but it’s been about a year since the fire show was last performed. LP is bringing the event back for one night only in celebration of the show’s anniversary on Saturday, July 11, at Culture Reggae Club at 9 p.m.

“It’s really a lot of fun, and a great way to get the community involved in an event that’s happening in Baton Rouge,” said show host and fire performer Novelle Melvin. “This is the only show of its kind that I know of in the area, in the state even. We always have a lot of fun. It’s a lot of good vibes with good people. You won’t be bored.”

Billed for performances that evening are FierRabbit EarthChilde, Brittani Denham, Tyet, Kit Power, Lux Lodair, Ambeaux Huckeba, Eddie Bice and Amanda Kirkwood. Attendees will see a variety of skills from these fire manipulators who work with hula hoops, poi, fans, swords, and an array of props that can be juggled or tossed all while lit on fire. Along with the fire props, there will also be fire breathers and fire eaters.

In order to perform feats such as fire breathing and handling fire poi, the performers must be organized and have a safety plan, which is a concern LP takes seriously.

“You have to have a good amount of coordination and control, especially if you’re going to be doing a public performance,” said Melvin, who performs with fire fans. “And safety, of course, is very important. We have a full safe setup…We look out for each other while we’re doing performances, and it takes place on a stage, so the audience doesn’t get too close.”

As a hula hoop artist and belly dancer, Melvin possesses a background in performing, but for her, there’s a certain appeal to dancing around with fire surrounding her.

“For most of us it’s an art form, and it’s a hobby, and it’s a really good way of expressing yourself and feeling passionate, and the adrenaline doesn’t hurt,” said Melvin. “It’s a lot of fun to do. I don’t know if there’s something about being able to control something that could potentially harm you, but you do it so well, and it is beautiful and entertaining for everyone, rather than scary.”

According to Melvin, the whole show is can’t miss entertainment though there are elements that will particularly captivate the audience.

“I like the fire-breathing, which is one of the most dangerous ways to manipulate fire, but the guy we have is so skilled at it, it’s beautiful to watch,” said Melvin. “I don’t think there’s any part of the show I’m not looking forward to.”

Melvin says people should come out to see the show as it is possible this will be LP’s only fire show for the summer and possibly for the remainder of 2015.

“It’s a good chance to ensure things like this can happen more in our community,” said Melvin. “We don’t really get a chance to come together like this, and I found this has just been a really good way to get the community involved.”


Tickets for Prymal Fireshow are $5 and the show is 18+.


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