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Chasing the crown, Part 1: The Blueprint – planning the big night

Editors Note: This is the first in a multi-part series about the process of the Miss LSU-USA Pageant.


It’s one of the most anticipated events on LSU’s campus – The Miss LSU—USA Pageant. The event is scheduled for April 10 in the LSU Student Union Theater, where women will compete for the crown. To get the inside scoop on this event, DIG caught up with Brittany Williams, assistant director of Miss LSU–USA Pageant.

Williams, who has been serving on the pageant committee for three years, shares some of the exciting details planned for the event. She explained that the Miss LSU—USA Pageant is a program put on by LSU’s Delta Zeta sorority, where philanthropy is one of the chapter’s most important values. The sorority plans to incorporate this value into the pageant.

“We’ve actually been changing a lot of things in the pageant,” Williams said. “ We’re trying to do a service days with the girls to get them involved with philanthropies and things like that because that is the point of the pageant from our end. We use the pageant to raise money for our philanthropies. So [in order] to get the contestants to get involved in that, we’re trying to do a service day with them.” Along with the planned service day, Williams also said the pageant will undergo some logistical changes.

“We are making some logistical changes, just to kind of keep it more interactive and entertaining for the guests,” she said. “One thing we’re doing differently this year… we normally have a video of our philanthropy just to kind of engage the audience about the purpose, but this year we are actually going to have the Tiger Tenors singing during that video.”

“The girls love them,” Williams said. She said Tiger Tenors performed at last year’s event, and they were a big hit, so the committee decided to bring them back. “They are really talented, and they’re an university club,” she said.

Tiger Tenors president Ryan Williams shared his excitement about being a part of the event.

“The Miss LSU pageant is one of my favorite events that the Tiger Tenors perform at,” Ryan said. “The venue is amazing and the audience loves the music as much as we do.”

He said that the group performs a variety musical styles – from “classic barbershop to the modern pop songs that may remind you of the movie Pitch Perfect.”

While Ryan said he doesn’t want to give too much away about the performance, Tiger Tenors will provide music for a special message that will be announced during the pageant. Brittany explained that every little detail of the event, from the entertainment to the location takes nearly a year to plan.

“As soon as one pageant ends, we basically get the date for the next year’s event and begin planning it. A lot goes into it,” she said.

Brittany said she looks forward to one thing the most when planning the event.

“For me, it’s the committee itself and just like coming together each week, and slowly start seeing everything come together,” she said. “So, I would say the planning as a whole, the process. Another thing that’s been really cool and interesting is to watch is how many people are willing to contribute to the pageant and when they know it’s for philanthropy, they are more willing to help out.”

When it comes to the big night itself, Brittany said one of her favorite parts of the pageant is opening number. She said it’s interesting to see the progress the contestants make throughout the weeks leading up to the crowning night.

“It’s a really exciting time because the audience is seeing their people on stage for the first time and they are cheering them on, and the girls…they are just so excited for the moment to finally be there,” Brittany said. She also offered up some advice for the contestants. “Be your genuine self,” she said.

She explained that many have a notion that Miss LSU is supposed to have a certain look and act a certain way. However, Brittany said being Miss LSU is about choosing a contestant that will take the crown, represent LSU and be a role model.

Brittany added that, among the logistical changes taking place in the pageant, the event will have it’s own Snapchat filter.

“It is something small, but it will be fun to be able to take pictures of yourself with the crown and all. It’s just another way to get the crowd more involved and engaged,” she said.


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