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Cigarettes & Wine

By Pat Gunther


Kirk Holder and his ‘90s era rock stylings are coming to Bin 77. The solo act reminiscent of a fusion between Jimmy Buffett and Counting Crowes may not be the most energetic stage presence, but is sure to provide a nice compliment to relaxing drinks at the Baton Rouge venue on May 13. Though relatively inactive as far as studio output is concerned, Holder is a classic venue-filler that won’t disappoint on a sultry Wednesday evening.

With vibes of some far-off beach bar, Holder is certainly one of the most appealing niche artists to come through 77, where his tunes like “Cigarettes & Wine” will certainly set the mood for a nice meal at one of Baton Rouge’s finest Italian bistros. The laid back melodies and harmonies Holder lays down are perfect for an older crowd and this venue, which is why he fits so nicely in particular settings you’ll frequent when you want to unwind with a nice wine and dine.

His latest LP, The Last Blonde on Earth, sounds like something you’d hear playing poolside at an exotic resort, with the perfect amount of percussive elements to compliment airy and sunny keys over Holder’s distinctively ‘90s voice. The LP, though not for everyone, certainly contains an eclectic mix of the musical stylings popular in everyone’s favorite recent, yet distant, decade.

“This album is an eclectic mix of tunes that I have written in bursts over the years,” said Holder.

A highly emotional experience for the redhead, Holder feels that he has poured his soul into every track on The Last Blonde on Earth, giving it a down-home everyday man feel that will surely appeal to the crowd at Bin 77.

“I used as many of my extremely talented friends as I could, still leaving room to express myself,” Holder says about the generous use of local musicians on the record. “It is not a collection of singles or hit-type tunes. The songs stand on their own, but all the tones and performances added a new dimension to my original writing, as well as to the overall texture of the disc.”

Though you won’t see Holder performing your typical venues around the Red Stick, it is abundantly clear that the singer-songwriter has carved out a niche he is comfortable in occupying. So, if you want some laid back tunes to pair with a delicious Pinot Noir, Kirk Holder and co. at Bin 77 will certainly provide you with a relaxing and memorable Wednesday evening.


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