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Clean Eats for Game Day

By Claire Salinas

Game day is a big deal for you: you’re sporting your best LSU attire, scouting out the best tailgating spots and using up all your hairspray to make sure the humidity doesn’t mess with you (you too, dudes – your spiked locks aren’t natural).

The last thing you want to be thinking about is how to eat healthy, which seems impossible – what with the scents of burgers, fried boudan, and freshly-tapped beer wafting through the air.

Fret not – DIG has you covered. Use these five healthy snacks all season to keep full – but not fat – during the Tigers’ run to the title in 2014.

1. Carrots and celery with hummus in a mason jar 

This is a cheap and simple recipe anyone can make with a little bit of preparation.

Obviously this doesn’t have to be done in a mason jar, but it does add to the presentation, and if you fill the hummus up to a certain level, it makes for much easier dipping access.

To begin, simply fill your jar with hummus to the desired level and place your carrot and celery pieces into the hummus facing upward.

You can even show your spirit by wrapping your jar with a purple and gold ribbon.

2. Fruit parfait with granola and optional fruit

This easy recipe can be made by filling your container of choice with Greek yogurt, granola and if you have it on hand, fruit.

Berries and grapes will give you more hydration than their other fruit family counterparts, so I recommend choosing these if you do add fruit.

The yogurt and granola will keep you satisfied and is a much better alternative to any stands selling ice cream that you may be tempted to pay a visit to.

3. Assorted nuts

My favorites are Brazilian nuts, almonds, pecans and pumpkin seeds.

I recommend paying a visit to Whole Foods to compile your perfect nut mix since they charge per pound, and you can use the leftovers throughout the week.

Nuts are proven to appease your appetite for long periods of time and are a much better alternative to snacking on the nachos every concession stand seems to be selling.

4. Grilled chicken and raw carrots

Will it seem a bit strange that you are carrying around a bag of grilled chicken? Maybe, but the people munching on chips aren’t going to think you’re so strange when you start showing off your beach body come springtime.

If you would feel more socially appropriate, you could always buy a to-go cup and place the ingredients inside: it would probably look similar to when you eat popcorn chicken.

This recipe may take a bit longer to prepare since it requires making time to cook the chicken, but most grocery stores have bags of frozen, grilled Tyson chicken that doesn’t take more than a few minutes to cook.

I recommend adding raw carrots versus cooked to the dish, since they hold more water and will keep you hydrated longer. They’ll also stay crisp under heat.

5.  Sun Tea

This recipe comes straight from Fitness Magazine, but it’s zero calories (aside from any berries or garnishes you may add) and such a good alternative to the teas sitting under most tailgating tents, which are likely filled with sugar and harmful artificial ingredients like aspartame.

Place loose tea bags into a tea ball, tying with a string. You should not use green, decaffeinated, or herbal teas for this recipe. Next put the tea ball into a two-quart clear glass container, add cold water, cover and let stand in sunlight or at room temperature for two to three hours. Make sure to keep the container away from combustible materials during this time, since sunlight coming through glass and liquid can concentrate a beam of light that may start a fire. Finally, remove the tea ball and serve over ice or refrigerate immediately.

You can garnish the tea with mint, ginger or fresh berries and you can even add a little flavor to the tea by mixing in the blended frozen berries of your choice.

With a little pre-planning, you can still enjoy some great eats while tailgating. Best of all, they won’t make you groggy, and you won’t have to loosen your belt a notch or two by kickoff.


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