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College Dictionary, vol. 2

Baddie:  A really attractive female.

She’s a baddie!  

Basic:  Average, not fabulous.

She’s a basic b****, she’s never been on my level.  

Beat:  A really good makeup application.

Wow, her face is beat to the gawds!  I’m lovin’ it!

Bumbling: The act of finding potential bae on the app Bumble.

I’ve been bumbling all day!

Clutch:  Refers to a person or thing that comes in handy just at the right time and place.

You’re so clutch.  I’m so happy you had an extra Scantron.  

DAB:  Popular dance among the turn-up culture.  Uses forearm and head movement.  Movement is very similar to a sneeze movement.

Hit ‘em with the DAB.

Dead:  Term used when something is extremely hilarious or ridiculous.

I’m really dead at Amy’s shoes.  I haven’t seen Crocs since middle school.

Drunk Box:  The Box Combo that you get from Cane’s after a long night of drinking.

I’m starving, let’s take an Uber to Cane’s and get a Drunk Box!

Drunk Bus:  TigerTrails night route that is used to transport really intoxicated students from and to Tigerland.

We should really take the Drunk Bus tonight, that way we can get really turnt and don’t have to drive.   

DM:  Direct messaging through a social media site, typically used to flirt, send pictures and say things you wouldn’t dare say to the person’s face.

Commonly used in phrases like “it goes down in the DM” or “sliding in the DMs.”  

Everything:  Commonly used to express how awesome a person or thing is.

That burger was EVERYTHING!  

Fleek:  Superb, exceptional. Refer to flawless.

Ooooh, that hair is on fleek!

Flawless: Perfect.  Everything you want to be.

Made popular by Beyoncé’s lyrics “I woke up like this…flawless” 

Savage:  One who does amazing things.  Better than the rest.

Leonard Fournette is a savage!

Sidepiece:  Refers to anyone who plays the “other” in a love triangle.  Sidepieces are usually guarded by restricted rules to keep secrecy of the relationship.

I have my sidepiece number saved in my phone under “Dad’s work.”  

Shade:  Dissing, joking or roasting someone in a sophisticated manner.  Being mildly disrespectful.  Making comments or gestures that infer something everyone already knows.

Whoa, she just threw some major shade your way!

Snatched: Having the ideal body shape!

Geez, your waist is so snatched!  Have you been working out?

Swiping:  The act of finding potential bae on the dating app Tinder.

I hate when I’m swiping and I see someone I know…awkward.

Tea: Gossip.  Often referred to in the context of “sipping tea” which means receiving gossip.

I’m headed to Ashley’s house to spill some good tea I just heard about her boyfriend.

TBH:  To Be Honest.

TBH I don’t even know why I came to class today.

THOT:  That Hoe Over There.

I love her but she’s such a THOT at times.  

Wine Night: $1 wine on Tuesday at JL’s.

It’s Tuesday you know what that means…. Wine Night!  Let’s Go!

Yaking:  The act of venting or expressing yourself to other LSU students on the app Yik Yak.

Everyone’s been Yaking about the traffic on Nicholson.

Yassss:  Common expression used to show excitement.

Yassss queen, that outfit is everything!


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