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By DIG Staff

If you’ve been in college for more than five minutes, you’ve noticed that there are a few things only fellow college students really get. We asked you for your suggestions to compile the Urban Dictionary of the BR college scene, and this is what we got.

10 Minute Rule: The unspoken rule that if a professor does not arrive to begin the lecture within 10 minutes of the class’s starting time, students may leave the class guilt-free

ABC Party: Anything But Clothes party; A party where guests are instructed to come wearing anything but clothes, such as garbage bags, duct tape, pizza boxes, et cetera

Bae: A gender-neutral term originating from African-American Vernacular English to denote your significant other, loved one, or sometimes an especially delicious food or drink item; Bae cooked me dinner tonight! OR This Turtle Mochasippi is bae.

Breaking the Seal: The first trip to the bathroom to pee after holding it as long as possible during a night of drinking, dooming the drinker to nonstop bathroom trips for the rest of the night

Buck Fama: A creative way to say what we’re all thinking — F*ck Bama

Bus Flip: The act of grabbing onto the overhead handles on the Tigerland drunk bus and using them to do flips in the aisle

chubbies (or fratastic)
An example of Chubbies, often seen in pastel colors. Recommended attire to be considered a “Bro.”


Chubbies: A clothing brand that manufactures extra-short shorts in a variety of pastel colors, most commonly seen on frat bros; Hey man, I can see your chubby through your Chubbies.

College Breakfast: Eating a bowl of cereal after waking up at 2 p.m.

College Morning: Any time between noon and 4 p.m.

Corndogs: The food item that many non-Tigers (including Katy Perry) claim LSU’s campus smells like; a thing to throw at Katy Perry

Dead Week: The week between the last lecture of the semester and your first final exam; a time for hardcore study sessions and updating your will

Dormcest: The inadvisable act of hooking up with people who live in the same residential hall as you, despite the fact that you will still run into them constantly if it ends badly; a common freshman mistake

DTF: Down to f*ck; a descriptor for a person who is good to go for casual sex

Febrezing: Spraying dirty articles of clothing with Febreze and throwing them in the dryer for a few minutes before wearing them to class

FOMO: Fear of missing out; the feeling experienced when looking at pictures of your friends having fun without you on Snapchat or Instagram, often cited as reason to go out rather than staying home

Frat Star: A frat bro who epitomizes what it means to be a frat bro; someone who always wears salmon-colored Chubbies and Sperry’s and is always down for doing a beer run

Fratastic: A frat bro who has reached Frat Star level

Frinks: Free drinks at Fred’s in Tigerland on Fridays

GDI: Goddamn Independent; a student with no Greek affiliation who doesn’t understand or appreciate the Greek way of life

Going HAM: A phrase from “H.A.M.” by Kanye West and Jay-Z, which H.A.M. standing for “hard as a motherf*cker;” to expend a great deal of energy on something until it has been destroyed, defeated, or enjoyed to the fullest extent; It’s 2 a.m. and I’m about to go HAM on this sandwich from Jimmy John’s.

IDGT: I don’t get tired; a phrase taken from the popular Kevin Gates song to demonstrate that you will continue working, studying, or partying without stopping, even to the point of exhaustion

I Can’t, I Have Rehearsal:” An excuse that any music major, theatre major, or member of Tiger Band will use with varying degrees of honesty to escape any situation

Jungle Juice: A dangerously and sometimes imperceptibly strong alcoholic punch concoction served at many house parties, traditionally out of a hosed-off garbage can

Lampshading: The act of a girl (usually a sorority girl) wearing an oversized t-shirt so long that it covers her Nike shorts completely

Natty Light: The classic cheap beer enjoyed by frat guys, hipsters, athletes, and nerds alike; Yeah dude, bringing 1,800 cans of Natty Light on spring break definitely sounds like a good idea!

NCMO: Noncommittal make out; A meaningless make out session with a friend or acquaintance, usually while intoxicated

Netflixer: A class so easy, you can put in your headphones and watch Netflix during lectures without hurting your grade

Ninja sex: Quiet, stealthy sex to avoid waking up your roommate, who is asleep on the other side of your tiny dorm room

Past the Wienerschnitzel: A way to express that a location is too far beyond the North Gates of LSU’s campus for you to go; I was going to go to that party, but his house is all the way past the Wienerschnitzel.

Pee-gret: The feeling of regret you experience after leaving the bar without first emptying your bladder in the bathroom

A pepperoni pizza, a food item that college age men believe that, when combined with gratuitous Netflix streaming, will result in them getting laid.
A pepperoni pizza, a food item that college age men believe that, when combined with gratuitous Netflix streaming, will result in them getting laid.

Pizza & Netflix: A coded phrase that a college guy might use to lure a college girl to his dorm room or apartment under the pretense of sharing pizza and a few episodes of Breaking Bad, when he’s actually just interested in some casual sex; Hey girl, my roommate went home for the weekend. Want to come over for pizza and Netflix?

RegRat: An individual who always seems to be at Reggie’s getting white girl wasted no matter the day of the week

Sausage Fest: A party or bar packed with bros with not enough girls to balance them out; Ew, let’s go somewhere else. This place is a total sausage fest.

Sexiled: To be kicked out of your own dorm room or apartment so that your roommate can have sex privately

Sniff Test: A quick smell test given to a piece of clothing found on the floor to determine if it can be worn to class again without washing; See also: febrezing

Snowpocalypse: The cataclysmic fallout following any minor about of snow or icy weather, including cancelled classes and campus closures.

Struggle Bus: A state of being, describing a time in which your life absolutely sucks; I’m really riding the struggle bus today OR I’m chasing after the struggle bus today.

TOPSless: A state of being after losing your TOPS financial aid; I spent too much time in Tigerland freshman year, and I’ve been going TOPSless ever since.

Underwater Basket Weaving: A term to describe the most useless, banal, unimportant, stupid class imaginable

Unicycle Guy: The guy who rides his unicycle everywhere on campus, usually while wearing a top hat

Victory Lap: The extra year or semester you take after your fourth year before graduating; also known as becoming a super senior

Wake & Bake: The act of waking up and immediately smoking weed


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