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College on Tap

By Claire Salinas 

Days on campus can be long and eventful. As a college student you have a lot to accomplish, so whether you’re going to class, leading a meeting or working out, it’s important have your bag stocked for whatever your day may hold.
After four years in college these are the essentials I have found will keep you prepared for anything that comes your way during a full day on campus.


1. Phone and laptop charger

It really sucks to get to class thinking you have a full battery only to find that you forgot to plug your computer back in after your random jam session last night.

Avoid this mishap by bringing your charger so you can plug into an outlet in your classroom and continue taking notes.


2.  Gum, mints and/or mouthwash

This may seem a little over the top, but if you drink coffee at all, which most college students do, it is very likely you will end up with breath that is unacceptable for speaking in close proximity with someone.

Whether you’re visiting a professor in their office hours or talking to your crush, don’t let the reason they “suddenly get a phone call” be because you have terrible breath.


3. Mini perfume/cologne 

Walking around campus can make you sweaty and gross, especially in the summer.

Having a small bottle of fragrance on hand to make yourself smell fresh will boost your self-confidence when you have to give a presentation in your speech class after walking halfway across campus.


4. Ebook version of your textbook

Unless you are incredibly lucky, you are more than likely going to end up having multiple breaks on campus throughout the day.

It’s important to utilize these times for studying if you want to accomplish all of your tasks in a timely fashion.

Having an ebook version of your textbook will save your back the strain of toting a heavy book around campus and will allow you to complete some classwork during your downtime.

Sometimes you can find these books free online and sometimes your textbook comes with a pin number you can use to access the book on the book’s website.

It may even be worth it for you to buy the electronic version versus the hard copy, depending on which one you will use the most.

Stocking your bag up with these essentials can help avoid wasted time and gas money by allowing you to do everything you need to do on campus and feel great doing it.

Feel free to email Claire at clairesalinas1@gmail.com, tweet @claire_ify or tag her on Instagram at claire_ify. to tell her what you carry in your bag for a long day at school.


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