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Command Attention in Mardi Gras Haybands


Mardi Gras is a festive time of year for people of Louisiana. We celebrate by sometimes wearing decorous costumes. For most ladies, we won’t be wearing a costume, but we will be dressing to fit the mood of the season. Haybands has a collection specific for Mardi Gras. There are purple, green, and gold Haylo headbands, peel and stick stickers and hair ties for ladies to wear as fun and unique accessories. Creator and founder Hayley Childress explains more.

DIG: What are some items that customers can purchase specifically for Mardi Gras? 

Hayley Childress: We have a large variety of Mardi Gras Haybands that both store fronts and our online store currently carry. Mardi Gras-themed accessories range from fun, reusable peel and stick glitter tattoos, hand braided purple, green, and gold headbands, to our custom designed purple, green, and gold triglitter elastic headbands and bracelets.

DIG: What are some of the most popular Mardi Gras items?

HC: Our newest addition to the Mardi Gras collection is our peel and stick glitter tattoos. They can be worn 2-3 times and you can share them with your friends! Peel and stick glitter tattoos are an awesome complement to the Mardi Gras headbands and pony tails that we have been designing and selling for more than three years in New Orleans. New and old customers love both styles. Haybands’ headbands are super effortless, and the glitz and sparkle elastic grab attention, whether you are riding in a float or just watching a parade. Plus, a Mardi Gras Haylo can always make your outfit chic and parade-route ready in seconds!

DIG: How would you suggest styling a Mardi Gras Hayband for festivities (from a New Orleans Mardi Gras to a traditional country Mardi Gras)?

HC: We have had customers from all over the map that have ordered Mardi Gras Haybands for their city’s carnival season. This year orders are coming from as far as Washington D.C., NYC and Las Vegas, Nevada.

There are definitely some traditional Mardi Gras Haybands personalities that pair their purple, green and gold Haylo with cut-off denim shorts, a striped Mardi Gras Polo and cowboy boots. However, Mardi Gras Haybands are a fun and affordable go-to favor for formal Mardi Gras balls and krewes. In addition, they are easy hostess gifts for out-of-town friends coming in specifically to celebrate the Mardi Gras season. We have seen many customers over the years style their Haybands by doubling or layering two headbands. Layering and stacking triglitter bracelets, solid gold glitter or solid purple glitter pony tails also makes for lightweight and functional carnival arm candy! Mardi Gras Haybands are comfortable enough to wear the whole weekend spent on the parade routes, and are made of the highest quality to allow Haybands girls to stand out with Southern style.

DIG: What are some of the local Baton Rouge retailers that sell Haybands?

HC: Vertage​, Blink, Hemline Baton Rouge, Sanctuary Home & Gifts, On The Boulevard Salon.


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