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Constantly Evolving

By Pat Gunther

I would say, ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’ by Tears for Fears,” David Fuller, the magnanimous keyboardist and vocalist for Prom Date said. “It’s not the most romantic song, but it’s an incredible song that I’d totally want to dance at a cheesy ’80s prom to.”

Though not as often-cliché as their ’80s pop influences, NOLA’s own Prom Date is a band with modest beginnings. “When we started in Summer 2006, there were a bunch of us who went to high school together,” Fuller said. “Some of them used Prom Date as their name, and a couple of us actually went to prom together, so it was the only name we could all really agree on.”

Since starting out eight years ago, Prom Date has continued to woo fans with their honest, fun and energetic tunes that they put so much effort into. “I think the most important thing, to me, is just honesty and passion,” Fuller stated, “I don’t care if you suck or are a total noob, if you’re pouring your heart out on stage, I’m captivated.”

The passion that Prom Date exudes on stage, coupled with their varying influences, which range from New Order to electronic artists of the later ’90s, is what makes them such a unique Louisiana group. Unlike many other bands hailing from the Pelican State, Prom Date brings an uncanny amount of variety to each and every show that they play.

We like to tailor our set lists to the event, and we try to match the energy or tone of the other bands we play with,” Fuller said. “Our songs are constantly evolving and we’re always trying out new ways of making our sounds. So, we change and the songs change with us from show to show.”

The constant evolution of Prom Date’s sound is, among other things, what helps them captivate an audience night in and night out at differing Louisiana venues. Whether it is in Lafayette, New Orleans or Baton Rouge, Prom Date brings a feeling of camaraderie to each unique audience. With the upcoming release of their newest music video for their single “X My Heart,” Prom Date is planning a blowout for each of those three special locations.

Each city is so distinct and has their own personality,” Fuller exclaimed. “I’m so in love with all the three cities and feel its only fitting to celebrate in each different place. I mean it’s more about the people that have helped us along the way, and having them experience it where they’re from.”

When Prom Date premiers their newest visual installment in Baton Rouge at Chelsea’s on May 29th, fans can certainly expect to be floored by the charisma, charm and fun that comes inherent to a Prom Date concert. “The people here have such a big heart and such an itch to dance,” Fuller said, “They all love to get down and I couldn’t be happier to be on stage, having a couple drinks and what not in Baton Rouge.”

Though they may not have the frills and notoriety of other bands, Prom Date creates an infectious party atmosphere that would be a shame for any fun-loving concertgoer to miss. Above all, though, Prom Date intends to bring their positivity, and love for music, to even greater audiences in the future.

Well, we just got a van and were planning on a nationwide tour ASAP,” Fuller said. “We’re hitting Austin in the fall, and hopefully we’ll be up and out from there.”

Though they defy Tears for Fears’ statement claiming everybody wants to rule the world, Prom Date continues to hone their craft for personal, admirable and down-to-earth reasons.

We do it because we’re searching for what’s honest for us, and its what we love doing” Fuller reflected. “We’re fun-loving people and we want to bring that to the audience, wherever they may be.”




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