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CJ Brown Realtors
CHASE PINO, Realtor®
BHHS-United Properties

Why are city natives and newcomers moving to Mid City?

SK: It has become the city’s hot spot for the arts, food, and family. The houses exude character and have history within their walls. There is passion, energy, and enthusiasm in the air that is pulling people in—it’s fun to be invested in where you live and something new and evolving.

CP: Quaint, cottage-style homes mixed in with renovated mid-century modern, next to million dollar new construction… there truly isn’t anything else like it! At the risk of sounding cliché, Mid City checks all the boxes. More so than anything, I think people move to Mid City to feel a part of something… a true community!

Who is moving into Mid City?

SK: One of the coolest things about Mid City is how eclectic it is. There is something for everyone!

CP: It’s a melting pot. Millennials are a portion because they are coming into the age of buying a home. However, part of the appeal of Mid City is not only the mix of generations,  but cultures, lifestyles and experiences.

What does Mid City have to offer that it didn’t 5 years ago?

SK: The number of new establishments and their proximity is giving residents the opportunity to bike and walk to their destination. I recently had a past BR resident tell me, “I’m getting the Austin feel,” while having breakfast at French Truck Coffee. That, to me, said so much about what the area has become.

CP: Tons! Specifically the food and housing scene. Baton Rougeans are foodies at heart and there are so many amazing places within walking distance of each other. There has been a concentrated effort on the revitalization of the entire community, specifically commercial growth.

What do you predict for the future of Mid City?

SK: My prediction (and hope) is that this positive growth continues, the excitement remains, the new business ventures keep thriving, more businesses come, and people continue to invest in the Mid City community.

CP: A large portion has experienced growth but there is so much more potential! I believe we will see Mid-City, Downtown and the Southdowns areas  start to overlap, rather than having pockets of commercial and residential development.



Barton Award winner and Mid City Redevelopment Alliance Executive Director Samual Sanders stands outside the alliance office on North 19th Street.

The mission of Mid City Redevelopment Alliance is to develop and promote the growth and renewal of Mid City Baton Rouge by attracting new and retaining current residents and businesses.

How long has the Mid City Redevelopment been working on bringing people and businesses into the Mid City area?
MCRA has been working to revitalize Mid City for 26 years. We are proud of the progress underway.

Why do you think that Mid City has grown so much in the past five years?
Mid City is creative, cool, and close to downtown; This is a place where different lifestyles can co-exist and we want everyone to have it all: parks, sidewalks, restaurants, culture, and it never hurts to have quick access to the Interstate. Mid City has tree-lined streets for walking & bike riding, and we are helping investors see that everything old is new again by putting life back into old buildings along with new ones.

What is your organization’s main priority right now?
We want more investment! We are ourselves prioritizing real estate development as a primary line of business for MCRA because: 1) we can continue to demonstrate why it is okay to invest in Mid City, 2) it is stable revenue generator for the organization, and 3) it can fund our mission-driven work and help us to be less dependent on the charity of others.

What is your hope for the future of Mid City?
Continued revitalization; opportunity for all income levels to experience the renaissance.

What’s the next big thing in Mid City?
Government Street continues to be the hot spot, but we expect growth along North & Florida Boulevards will start to happen as the area continues to  grow.


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