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Creating an Icon

By Nick BeJeaux

Like many college graduates Billy Bosch left his hometown to find success, and now that he has found it in New Orleans, he’s bringing it home to Baton Rouge in the form of liquid nutrition. ICONIC is the energy/protein drink released in January by Be Well Nutrition, the company Bosch started, to create a quick, healthy option for people on the go.

The creation of ICONIC follows the current entrepreneurial trend of including startup support. In this case, ICONIC was launched in New Orleans through The Idea Village, which pays for travel costs and connects entrepreneurs with investors.

“I’m from Baton Rouge, and I love my hometown and if I had the chance to start this there I would have,” said Bosch. “I was working for Shell at the time and living in New Orleans, but there’s also a huge amount of start up resources here.”

After seeing huge success in the New Orleans market, BWN has announced plans to bring ICONIC to Baton Rouge markets.

“We’ll be launching the product this week thorough over 40 businesses and independent gyms,” Bosch said last week in an interview with DIG. “Our main office is in New Orleans, but we’ve always had our eye on Baton Rouge.”

So far, ICONIC – which is distributed by Mockler Beverages – is currently found in eight stores across Baton Rouge: Bet-R, Maxwell’s (at Petroleum and Corporate), Koko Fit Club, LeBlanc’s, Alexander’s Highland Market, Calvin’s Bocage, Benedetto’s, and Matherne’s. With the help of Mockler, Bosch said ICONIC will soon make its way into more stores.

“Mockler Beverage (the Budweiser distributor) is the official distributor for ICONIC in the area and will be helping us expand into accounts across the city,” he said.

ICONIC currently comes in two flavors: Chocolate Truffle and Pure Vanilla Bean; arguably the simplest flavors for any line of protein shakes to follow. However, Bosch says that ICONIC’s simplicity is the very thing that sets it apart from other liquid “nutritional” options, like Muscle Milk or XF UP 2.0.

“I used to mix my own protein drinks, but the powders and mixes were always so expensive and they took up a lot of space,” he said. “I couldn’t find a protein drink that tasted good and is actually good for your body. So I wanted to create that, but also create a drink with an attractive brand for people that aren’t into bodybuilding. This is not for gym rats. This is approachable and portable nutrition for everyone to use.”

Even the design of the carton falls in line with Bosh’s philosophy of simplicity and accessibility.

“Part of making this accessible and approachable is helping people understand what they’re buying,” Bosch said. “Each carton of ICONIC has icons that communicate what ICONIC does, why fiber and protein are important, and all of its all-natural ingredients.”

Each carton of ICONIC contains 130 calories and 20 grams of protein, low sugar, no artificial ingredients and will run you about $3.50 a pop. If you can’t find it in stores, Amazon sells them in cases of 12…actually you can’t buy them they’re either because they’re obviously sold out.

For more information on ICONIC – and to buy cases directly from the supplier – visit drinkiconic.com.


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