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Crowning Moment

By Rickey Miller

This upcoming weekend is a big weekend for LSU, not only is it homecoming week but it’s also the 2016 Miss Louisiana USA pageant. The show will kick off on Friday, October 23 with preliminaries and end with the final show Saturday October 24, where the winner will be crowned.

Among the 35 contestants is one of LSU’s very own, Ashley Barbier. Barbier is the current titleholder for Miss LSU – USA 2015 and hopes to leave this weekend’s event as 2016 Miss Louisiana USA.

A recent psychology graduate of LSU, Barbier shares her feelings about what this weekend means to her– “It’s always been my dream to be Miss LSU and to being able to represent LSU at Miss Louisiana is amazing because since I was a kid I’ve wanted to be Miss Louisiana, USA. So it’s awesome to have my dream title and competing for another dream title.”

Barbier says that she is most excited to showcase who she is, share her hobbies, and show why she would be a great candidate for Miss Louisiana, USA.

“I feel that I would be a good Miss Louisiana, USA because I feel that I am a very diverse person. I do a lot of different activities on and off of campus; so, I’m just ready to get there show them who I am and promote our great school. Because at the end of the day it’s really about branding and representing the school you’re from,” she said.

Representing LSU is something that comes very easy to Barbier. She explains, “I love the tradition here.   I just love how we all come from different backgrounds but can all come together for things like LSU football or different sports, or even during crisis. I think that’s one of LSU’s biggest tradition is that we bring people together. I think that’s something we have that maybe other universities like, just a sense of unity.”

Barbier has fit in many different groups throughout her life, and she hopes to continue that at LSU.

“In high school I was in band, so I’m a band nerd, so I am really good friends with everyone in band; I also do pageants, so I have a lot of people I meet through that; I also long-board around campus. I just feel like I’d be able to promote my title at a larger level.”

One of Barbier’s biggest inspirations in life as been LSU and her gratitude toward the institution is part of what drives her.

“I want to make my school proud. I mean I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for this school.”

She follows her statement with a story of her early years at LSU. She explains that she loved her dorm experience so much that once she moved into her own place, she named her dog after the building… Kirby!

When asked, which part of the competition she looks forward to the most Barbier said although she loves the interview portion of the competition, it is the swimsuit category that she is really looks forward to this weekend –

“I’m really into fitness! I love working out. I workout like 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. I eat really healthy… and you know, it does kind of suck… to prepare that way because you know you kind of want a cheat meal every now and then; but, it’s awesome to show everyone – ‘this is what I’ve been working towards and this is the product.’ And just promoting a healthy lifestyle to people”

No matter what the weekend holds, Barbier says that she will be happy just to be a part of the Miss Louisiana – USA pageant.   She says she has loved the experience she has gained through the process and she is very excited at the chance of representing our state. #GeauxBarbier


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