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Cupid’s guide: Your guide to making this Valentine’s Day special

Like many students, you probably don’t have the money or resources to give your special someone the type of day you feel they truly deserves. Here’s a helpful guide to showing your significant other a good time on a dime.

12:00 pm – Mid-Day Picnic on the Parade Ground

Start your day by surprising your date with a cute little picnic on the Parade Ground.  Here’s what you’ll need:


•Food and drinks

•Your favorite playlist of love songs to set the mood.  We suggest a little Drake, Taylor Swift, and some old school Mariah.

•Your gift! It’s the perfect, private spot to trade your gifts.

3:00 pm – Reflect at The Lakes

Grab some comfortable shoes and head for the lakes with your significant other.  Not only will you do something good for your body, but walking the lakes will also give you time to bond with your boo. Proclaim your undying love, talk about your future and reflect on some of your favorite memories together.  Oh, and of course you have to snap some selfies for social media.

4:00 pm – Bike Around Campus

If walking isn’t your thing, grab your bikes and visit some of your favorite spots, like Mike the Tiger’s habitat.  After you’ve toured campus, we suggest ending your stroll at the levee where you sit and watch the sunset.  This is the perfect way to do something active while having some quality bonding time.  And if you don’t have a bike, don’t worry!  While the UREC gear rental department is closed on Sundays, you always have the option of weekend rentals, meaning you’ll have to do a little planning and rent your bike on Saturday.

 6:00 pm – Have a Nice Dinner

When it comes to delicious food, Chimes is the place to be.  Put on your nicest outfit, grab your gifts and meet at Chimes where you try some of the restaurant’s amazing options, like the BBQ shrimp po’boy or the  duck and sausage gumbo. It will be the perfect place to exchange your gifts if you haven’t already. If you’re old enough, grab a drink or two. Take a sip of Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager or one of the many other beers the restaurant has to offer.  And remember, don’t drink too much — you want to keep it classy!

8:00 PM – Coffee and Dessert

End your dinner and begin your next course at Highland Coffees!  Try one of the spot’s many selections, like espresso-based drinks, hot teas, coffees or hot chocolate.  Once you’ve made the decision of what to drink, it’s a must to grab a pastry.  Highland Coffee will be the perfect place to wind down and talk without all the noise.

11:00 pm – Prepare For the Midnight Kiss At  Memorial Tower

Meet your boo at Memorial Tower, where you can sit on the steps, talk and become a part of a long-time tradition.  It is said that students who share their special kiss under Memorial Tower at midnight on Valentine’s Day will forever be true loves, establishing a bond that will not be broken.  While there will be tons of couples there to partake in this tradition, it will feel as though you two are the only ones in the world.


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