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Dance Marathon

By Rickey Miller

Dance Marathon is an organization started in 2013 that helps raise money and awareness for Our Lady of the Lake – Children’s Miracle Network. Colin Reeves, director of Public Relations for Dance Marathon at LSU, explains that although we didn’t BEAT BAMA this weekend on the field, we did come out victorious against BAMA in a competition to raise money.

“We competed against our SEC rival, The University of Alabama Dance Marathon,” said Reeves. “We fundraised from last Sunday (November 1, 2015) through Saturday (November 7, 2015). All week we had a variety of events… we had the res halls filling water jugs with change, we had people canning at Wal-Mart all across the city and on campus, and then we had a benefit concert on Thursday.”

He added that the Thursday night concert was a huge success that brought over 250 people and raised a lot of money for the campaign.

He continued by explaining the premises of the competition.

“Whoever raised the most money would win the competition,” said Reeves. “Whatever Alabama raised during the week would go towards children in Alabama and whatever we raised would go towards children in Louisiana. So, we won. We raised a total of $46,039.42 and they raised $20,002.51.”

Reeves says that this year’s win makes both LSU and BAMA 1-1, as Alabama won last year’s competition. He also adds that it was the help of all the giving students and people around the Baton Rouge community that made the win possible.

“All the dancers made personal fundraising goals for the year. For me, my personal goal was $1,000… but just in that one week I raised an entire $1,000.”

Reeves also explained why he decided to join the non-profit organization.

“I’ve always had a need to be involved with my community. And I had a high school friend who was part of putting dance marathon together and that was something I felt just right at home with. And it’s my third year. I really like helping people.”

Colin says the organization currently has over 200+ members, all of which are LSU students. Registration is still open to all LSU students and it will not close until February 23, 2016.

Reeves also explains that while most people may think you have to be a dancer in order to participate, most of the year’s activities actually don’t pertain to dancing.

“So, we don’t really do anything dance until our big event. We fundraise all year until we have the big event, which happens in March. At our big event we stand or dance for 26.2 hours at John Parker Coliseum, that’s where the marathon part comes from. And we celebrate our entire year and the kids that our organization benefits.”

He ends by saying that although there are currently no events listed in the near future for Dance Marathon – LSU, there are always chances to give and support.

For more information visit their website at lsu.edu/dancemarathon.


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